STRUCTApanel internal wall linning 

STRUCTAflor GP Flooring

STRUCTAflor GP is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring for use in residential & commercial buildings. It is particularly suited to platform construction (where the floor is laid prior to erection of walls) as well as fitted floor construction.

Unique colour-coded tongues to identify thickness

  • YELLOWtongue - 19mm for joist centres up to 450mm
  • REDtongue - 22mm for joist centres up to 600mm
  • BLUEtongue - 25mm heavy duty for joist centres up to 600mm
  • Unique colour-coded wax to identify floor type

  • Yellow wax - General Purpose
  • Light Blue Wax - H2 Termite Treated
  • Blue wax - R-Flor
  • Inbuilt moisture protection

  • Wax impregnated throughout
  • Edge wax coated
  • No need to seal uncut edges