Solar power systems designed for tiny homes

Bretts Wheelhouse offer a range of solar systems to all suit all situations and requirements. Small and medium packages mounted onto your tiny home where space is limited or solar trailers that will allow you to position your tiny home in the ideal location.

Installed on WheelHouse

Fully configured and ready to use

6 x 440w solar panels, medium usage

10,000 Charging cycle or 10 year warranty

Australian designed and engineered

Wall mounted, IP65 for weatherproof installation

Available in 5kWh or 10kWH

Expandable to grow with you

Virtual power plant ready

Seamless switch over to keep you powered at all times

Plug and play installation

Local and remote monitoring

Available in hybrid or AC coupled inverter options

Price from $19,990

Trailer options

Designed as an A-Frame with panels at the optimum angle to ensure the maximum capture of the sun from dawn to dusk. Complete with a generator that automatically takes over if battery storage reaches a critical low.


2.64kW system, 6 x 440w panels, 10kWh Soltaro all-in-one battery & inverter, iGen 4500 Generator

Price guide $32,450.


3.52kW system, 8 x 440w Panels, 10kWh Soltaro all-in-one battery & inverter, iGen 4500 Generator.

Price guide $34,650.

Invertor generator

The iGen4500s is the ultimate in portable power for your WheelHouse backup use. It offers a class-leading maximum power output of 4,500 Watts that’s accessible via one touch on the electric start button or wireless remote control. Notification is sent when fuel level low.

And it’s easily portable thanks to the ergonomic lifting handles and Never-Flat wheels.

The iGen4500s is also a better value, more reliable and safer alternative to operating a pair of smaller generators in parallel.

Transport mode
Power generation mode