Dux hot water 

Dux hot water units, available from any Bretts Trade store.

Storage   Solar   Heat pump   Continuous flow 

Gas or Electric, Storage.

Easy installation, water connections on both sidesof the tank

Screwless tank lids offer a cleaner appearance and are safer too

Low maintenance and long service life

Full flow pressure to all outlets

Can be installed indoors or out

Sizes available: 25L, 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 21L, 250L, 315L, 400L.

  Pro install available.


Next generation split system design provides flexible installation locations without the need for expensive roof reinforcement

Available in electric or gas boosted models

Multi-temperature sensors on a vitreous enameltank configuration enable optimum solar gain while reducing the risk of overheating

High performance collectors ensure efficient transfer of heat to water

Patented Hotlogic® processor maximises energy from the sun

Efficient, polyurethane insulated storage tank

Supplies mains pressure hot water

Eligble for Small-scale technology certificates

5-year tank and panel warranty, 1-year parts and labour*

  Pro install available.

Heat Pump.

The Dux Airoheat® is the industry’s most awarded heat pump hot water system

An easy one piece, compact design makes for a quick and simple installation

Airoheat now includes an innovative de-icing function so there's no need for a back-up element

Management by the innovative Hotlogic® controller allows the Airoheat to keep running in cold climates

  Pro install available.

Continuous Flow.

6 star or higher energy rating

Never runs out of hot water

Condensing models deliver over $1000# savings over the 12 year warranted life of the heat exchanger

Features superior condensing technology that boasts over 90% thermal efficiency by capturing additional heat in the secondary heat exchanger

Superior technology straight from Noritz, a leading Japanese manufacturer of continuous flow water heaters, selling over 2 million water heaters per annum

Smallest domestic condensing gas water heater

Electronic ignition means no standby pilot light

Available in natural gas and propane (LPG) models

12 year warranty on heat exchanger, including 3 year full parts and labour*

  Pro install available.

*WARRANTY Full warranty terms and conditions are in the product’s Owners Manual, or visit www.dux.com.au/warranty-terms for full details and conditions which apply.


Airoheat® Heat Pump


Sunpro® solar


Continuous Flow, always hot


Prodigy® 5 gas storage systems