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Advance notice of known anticipated price movements from Bretts major manufacturers and suppliers:

May - June 2017

  • DeckMate DeckMate DIY, adhesive, tools, grooved decking
  • James Hardie 2.9% to 6% increase on all products - June 2017

New Products Alert

post - 18 May, 2017

See what new products we have in stock now

Want the latest building supplies? Check out our newest products available on our shelves now!

  • Makita 18V Mobile Brushless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (1600720) – automatic cleaning to collect dust and debris.
  • Bondall Timber Decking Oil (31520)– water based coating providing premium for internal and external timber
  • Linkware tap and shower range – quality bathroom products with a focus on value, design and manufacturings
  • Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro – Quick drying exterior water based timber stain, perfect for decks and outdoor furniture
  • Makita Garden Power – Powerful and tough range of outdoor equipment including petrol line trimmer (169460), petrol blower(169461), petrol chainsaw (169459), petrol mulch and catch lawn mower (169464)

All products now available at Bretts trade stores!

Using Timber Leads to a Healthier Wellbeing

post - 11 May, 2017

Research suggests using timber in buildings can create healthier environments

A new report by Planet Ark, Nature Inspired Design, highlights the benefits of the interior use of wood to the occupants of the building.

The new report highlights the importance of connecting buildings with the natural world and how ‘Nature Connected Design’ and using wood can bring nature indoors and provide a healthier, happier environment. The research has identified that use of wood in furniture, fittings and structures has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. These include:

  • Improved air quality by moderating humidity
  • Reduced blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels
  • Increasing positive social interactions
  • Improving corporate image

In addition to health benefits timber also has significant positive environmental outcomes. Timber is a renewable building material. It both stores carbon and reduces CO2 emissions, helping us fight against climate change.

An increasing number of architects are incorporating significant amounts of wood into their structures to capitalise on health and wellbeing aspects. For example, the use of timber in the Melbourne School of Design aspires to both educate the uses and also provide a catalyst for learning.

Using timber in design and construction of buildings can create healthier and happier environments.

Source: Planet Ark, Nature Inspired Design, 2017

Changes to Safety Regulations

post - 31 March, 2017

Inspectors can now issue on-the-spot fines

Changes to Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 in December of last year, mean inspectors can now issue on-the-spot fines for 18 new infringement notice offences. These new infringement offences relate to high-risk areas such as asbestos, hazardous chemicals and construction work. The fine amounts range from $432 for an individual and $3600 for a corporation.

Make sure that you comply with the new laws by speaking to your Site manager or WHS officer. If you are missing any safety equipment, have defects with your tools, or you are not complying with these new laws, please see the range of safety equipment we stock such as:

New Trade Store

post - 15 February, 2017

Bretts open new trade store at Geebung

In keeping with Bretts Timber & Hardware trade roots a brand new trade store opened on Monday 13th February 2017. This brings the number of trade stores to five including Rocklea, Caboolture, Windsor and the Trade Plumbing store at Narangba.

The store is conveniently located on the Northside at 26 Brickyard Road Geebung, at the front of the 8 acre Bretts manufacturing and warehousing facility. Bretts have occupied this site for a number of years now. Operating a Frame & Truss plant, Floor cassette and floor truss manufacturing line, Aluminium Window and Door factory as well as a distribution centre, warehousing bulk building materials for order assembly and delivery. So it made sense that Bretts open a trade store on the site to provide a pickup point for Northside customers. Feedback from Bretts trade customers identified that it was not always convenient to travel to the Windsor flagship store, so Managing Director Mr. Bill Nutting and his trade team decided to give their customers what they asked for.

The new store will be a fully stocked trade store holding bulk quantities of all the commonly used items you expect to find at a Bretts trade store. The comprehensive range will include all types of timber including; Structural hardwood, engineered timber, structural framing, mouldings, deck and step material, timber cladding, fibre cement and plywood cladding, landscape timber and fencing products, flooring, doors, jambs and architraves, general builders hardware, CD and bracing plywood, fibre cement sheeting, fasteners, finishing hardware, glues and sealants.

Bretts Trade General Manager, Mr Lewis Rolls has been hard at work to make sure the store has been designed to facilitate easy entry and exit and is compact yet spacious enough to allow fast order picking and loading onto a tradie ute. Trade customers can call in and pickup or forward order via Bretts online ordering system, nominate Geebung as the collection point and the trade team will have the order assembled ready for collection. Or check the delivery option for same day speedy service on one of our many delivery utes.

The long history of association Bretts has enjoyed with Brisbane builders continues with the rollout of this latest Bretts trade offer. Many older builders might remember the days when Bretts had over 10 stores scattered throughout South East Queensland, with future stores now planned Bretts will once again be Brisbane tradies building material supplier of choice.

Smoke Alarm Legislation

post - 23 December, 2016

New Smoke Alarm Laws from 1 January 2017

The new laws aim to protect the lives of every resident, by creating safer homes and one unified smoke alarm system. The new laws apply to new domestic dwellings, rental properties, and properties that are undergoing substantial renovations. From 1 January 2017 smoke alarms installed in new homes must:

Smoke alarms must be installed on each storey:

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has put together a fact sheet on the changes – you can download a copy here.

Installation of Window and Doors

post - 20 December, 2016

The installation of window and doors is still a major issue in Australian construction

Installation continues to be a major problem for the performance of windows and glazed doors throughout Australia. Large amounts of time and money are spent investigating a ‘failed window system,’ only to discover that real concern is installation. Around 80% of all window complaints are attributable to installation and care during the construction period.

The Australian Window Association’s (AWA) Marketing and Communications Manager Gary Smith comments, “poor installation has been the ‘Achilles’ heel’ of our industry for many years.” In direct response, AWA have produced a series of short instructional videos. The videos provide guidance to the industry on correct installation practice of windows and doors in different types of construction including brick veneer, commercial block work, clad/lightweight and double brick. You can watch all of the videos here.

You can always talk to us about windows and doors by either booking an appointment with our showroom consultants, or send us a request online and one of our window solutions representatives will contact you.

Sawmill workers suit up in new technology!

post - 7 December, 2016

An Australian sawmill company are looking into power suits to improve their OH&S practices

A new exoskeleton power suit developed by P-sonic and subsidiary ActiveLink could help a large Australian sawmill company. The AWN-03 power suit would provide lower back support to the user whilst packing timber. The sawmill company has been looking to improve its OH&S in its manual packing lines and are looking into the power suit as automatic systems are either too expensive or are unable to handle the complex shape of timber and do not have the productivity of humans.

Hiromichi Fujimoto, President of Activelink, the developer of the power suit said, “We are proposing robotics to help at worksites, because there will always be a certain level of work that must be done by people, and these power assist suits can help reduce the physical strain during work.”

The power suit, which connects to the back, thighs and feet of the user, automatically senses the user’s motion when lifting and holding heavy objects, and sends a signal to the motors to rotate the gears. It also raises the user’s upper body while pushing on their thighs which in reduced stress on the user’s lower back by 15kg.

This is a just a small glimpse into how power suits could be used to assist workers in manufacturing, forestry and construction. They may even find their way to your work site in in the near future.


post - 7 December, 2016

Want to save time when shopping with us?

Introducing our new ExpressPick for mouldings and timber. It’s easier, faster and more efficient! All you have to do is:

  1. Write the quantity and length of your timber on the ExpressPick tag which is located right next to the product you need
  2. Ask a staff member if you need any items cut to specific measurements and load the items onto your ute
  3. Take theExpressPick tag to the counter and complete your purchase. Easy!

It saves you time and also means less wait time at the checkout! It’s a win, win!

Timber skyscrapers - Part 2

post - 24 November, 2016

Australia’s Very Own Timber Multistorey Buildings

Australia’s first residential, commercial and public timber buildings made entirely from cross laminated timber

Australia’s first success story, Forte in Melbourne, was the first building in Australia to utilise cross laminated timber panels. Developed by Lend Lease, the project made global headlines after it became the tallest timber high-rise apartment building in the world at 10 storeys (which has now been surpassed by the Treet building in Norway). Another more recent project by Lend Lease is The Library at the Dock, a three storey community hub and library in the Melbourne Docklands. The first commercial building, International House Sydney, will also be constructed from cross laminated timber and is scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Cross laminated timber has been popular in Europe for more than a decade, however Lend Lease has been the first in Australia to use it in multistorey buildings. Still a rarity in Australia, the engineered timber industry is still in its infancy, lagging behind Europe and increasingly the US and New Zealand. These mass timber building have the structural strength similar to traditionally used steel and concrete, and has the potential to change the way buildings are constructed in Australia.

Using timber offers many advantages over convention materials of steel and concrete. Timber is renewable and sustainable resource and it reduces CO2 emissions. It offers better thermal performance and requires less energy to heat and cool which means reduced energy and water costs. The cross laminated timber panels for Australia’s 3 major projects were prefabricated in Europe, are craned and screwed into position with next to no waste and far less construction noise. Mass timber buildings can be built in two thirds of the time compared to the traditional materials of steel and concrete. Lend Lease’s Head of Timber Solutions, Andrew Nieland commented on the benefits of using cross laminated timber, “Cross laminated timber uses more efficient construction process that is environmentally sustainable, durable, better quality and safer.”

Cross laminated timber and has the potential to revolutionise the way Australian buildings are being constructed, toward a more sustainable future. Maybe we will see an 80 storey timber building, just like last week’s article, in our future skylines.

Colt Compressors

post - 17 November, 2016

"New comprehensive range of Colt compressors now at Bretts Windsor"

As part of our commitment to trade supplies we have beefed up our range of compressors, with a comprehensive range of Senco Colt compressors. The range is expansive enough to meet most of your on-site requirements.

Specifications Colt 160 Colt 180 Colt 200 Colt 270 Colt 312
Tank Capacity 24 litre 6 litre 12 litre 50 litre 50 litre
Power 1.5hp / 1.1kw 1.5hp / 1.1kw 2hp / 1.5kw 2hp / 1.5kw 2hp / 1.5kw
PSI up to 145 psi up to 116 psi up to 145 psi up to 145 psi up to 145 psi
RPM 3,000 3,400 2,900 3,400 1,480
Power source single phase
single phase
single phase
single phase
single phase
240v 10 amp
Capacity 2.5cfm, 70lpm
free air
2.1cfm, 60lpm
free air
7.1cfm, 200lpm 2.1cfm, 60lpm
free air
8.6cfm, 244lpm
Warranty 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited
Steel valve plates n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Filter regulator n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Cast iron cylider
with aluminium heads
n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Thermal overload switch n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Oil lubricated n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Oil free yes yes yes yes n/a
CELN equivalent n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Nitto equivalent yes yes yes yes n/a
Belt drive n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Direct drive yes yes yes yes na
Essentials Price $335 $229 $282 $395 $749
Colt 312 compressor
Colt 270 compressor
Colt 200 compressor


Colt 180 compressor
Colt 160 compressor

Timber skyscrapers - Part 1

post - 17 November, 2016

"River Beech Tower, 300 unit all timber construction high rise"

As part of a master plan along the Chicago River, USA, the River Beech Tower is a residential high-rise which, if built, would be taller than any existing timber building. The Perkins+Will’s proposal is still in very early development but it would include 300 duplex units and communal shared areas such as indoor parks. The team’s vision is to create a “social and sustainable adaption to high rise development.”

Reaching to 80-stories, it would tower over other timber skyscrapers like other proposals such C.F. Moller and Dinsell Johnsson’s 34 story building in Stockholm and our very own 10 story Forte apartment building in Melbourne. To reach new heights, the Perkins + Wills team have used a different approach to the previously built structures by using a diagrid system. Perkins+Will explain, “The design is made possible by an innovative structural system engineered to take the full advantage of the timber’s natural strength through an exterior diagrid system.” The building’s vertical and lateral loads are resisted by connecting the outer diagrids with the internal cross bracing that skirts the central atrium, allowing for efficient load distribution across all timber elements.

It is still unknown if the River Beech Tower will be realised but it will definitely be one for the record books. River Beech Tower is a collaboration between Perkins+Will, Thornton Tomasetti and the University of Cambridge.

Next week - Part 2 - Australia’s Very Own Timber Multistorey Buildings

Timber skyscraper engages the diagrid engineering system

QBCC Tie Down requirement

post - 17 November, 2016

The QBCC has recently detected issues with the treaded rod

Which provides tie-down to roof and wall frames particularly in high wind and cyclonic wind speed regions. AS1684 Timber Framing Code includes a requirement that all metal straps, framing anchors and similar connections have a minimum corrosion protection of 275 grams weight of zinc coating per square metre of surface area

Bretts Trade is aware of QBCC requirements for cyclone tie down rods as stipulated in AS1684. We have a full range of HDG cyclone rods available, that completely comply with the QBCC standards. We also stock Bremick electroplated zinc rods with organic coating. Bremick have stated that their electroplated zinc rods with organic coating have been tested in an appropriate facility. Bremick believe their products outperform the corrosion protection performance of the HDG rod, which does comply with the relevant standards. Bremick have sought approval from QBCC about the compliance of their product.

Online Ordering and Pricing at Bretts

post - 17 November, 2016

Quotes back in 1 Hour    Deliveries to site, same day   Deliveries for Free!

Sound to goo to be true? Read on to be pleasantly surprised and find out how to get this level of service using your trade account at Bretts!

Did you know we have online ordering and pricing for our Trade Account customers? Log onto Online Pricing and check out how easy it is to price a job or place an order online! Pricing a job is made easier and faster with us, by generating a list online. Send it to our Trade Estimating Team and get fixed job pricing back in an hour.

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