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Merry Christmas 12/12/2020
Mapei work method statements 12/12/2020
Heads up on framing shortages 15/10/2020
Structaflor, Easier, Faster 26/05/2020
Helping Builders for over 100 Years 21/04/2020
HIA Safe Work Guidelines 06/04/2020
Locksmiths SCEC Endorsed 31/03/2020
Covid-19 Update. 31/03/2020
Caboolture is Relocating. 02/03/2020
James Hardie Price Adjustment. Effective 1st May 2020. 25/02/2020
Geebung Store Updates 29/01/2020
Albion's Hours are Changing 20/01/2020

Material Price Movement

Manufacturer Effective Details Amount
Easycraft December 2020 Panelling Various
Hume Doors December 2020 Timber & sheeting products Various
Tiling December 2020 Cedar products Various
Bostik January 2021 Adhesive & sealant 1.75%
Hettich January 2021 Cabinet hardware 4.5%
Hurford January 2021 Timber Various
Matthei Timber January 2021 Timber Various
Modinex January 2021 Architectural timber Various
Wesbeam January 2021 Engineered wood products 8.25%
Assa Abloy February 2021 Door hardware Various
Bord Industries February 2021 Supabord 5%
Cement Australia February 2021 bagged cement Various
Dindas February 2021 Engineered wood products Various
Forest One February 2021 Timber & sheet products 3-10%
ITI February 2021 Timber products 3-10%
Paslode February 2021 Impulse tools up to 6%
Parkside February 2021 Hardwood products 3.5 to 5.0%
Selleys February 2021 Glue & adhesive 2.5%
Tilling February 2021 SmartLVL, SmartJoist, SmartForm, SmartPlank 8%
Value Timbers February 2021 KD F17 Various
Vida Canfor February 2021 Pine framing 10-18%
Abey March 2021 Plumbing products Various
Ardex March 2021 Tile glue & waterproofing Various
Bellevue Architectural March 2021 Door hardware Various
CSR Bradford March 2021 Insulation 3.9%
CSR Gyprock March 2021 Plasterboard 3.9%
CSR Rondo March 2021 Ceiling systems 2.95%
Hyne Timber March 2021 Pine framing up to 10%
CSR - Hebel March 2021 Hebel 3%
ITW March 2021 Fasteners 3.9%
Lysaght March 2021 Steel fencing & permalite 4.5%
Pinewood proucts March 2021 Timber 3 to 7.5%
Qld Sheetmetal March 2021 Roofing up to 4.5%
Spear &amo; Jackson March 2021 Hand tools Various
Sika March 2021 Sealant & adhesives Various
Simmonds Lumber March 2021 Hardwood Various
Tasman KB March 2021 Imported decking & framing Various
Timbeck March 2021 Hardwood & Cedar Various
USG Boral March 2021 Plasterboard Various
Ampelite April 2021 Roof sheet 6%
Australian Panel Products April 2021 Structaflor 4%
Laminex April 2021 Sheet products Whiteboard 3.5%, flooring 4%
Stanley Black & Decker April 2021 Tools Various
TPAC April 2021 Merbau/Kwila timber products 5%

As we near the end of the year, I’d like to take the time to sincerely thank you and your staff for your support over the last 12 months - what an unbelievable year!

Over the past 12 months the world has experienced unprecedented demand, unthinkable supply constraints and untold grief.  What we have seen emerge from this global chaos has been a willingness to improvise, work together and create solutions that we are extremely grateful for.

Just in case anyone wants to work through the Christmas break, we will keep Chermside open throughout on “Holiday Hours”, only closing for the statutory holidays. Holiday Hours are 7.30am to 4.00pm from the 29th December until the 8th January and we will be back to normal from Monday the 11th January. Please check our website https://bretts.com.au/locations/  for other closing times.

On that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to catching up and doing it all again next year.

Bill Nutting
 Managing Director.

Work method statements

These very informative documents are intended to be used not just as a guide, but as a documented WMS for building supervisors and building companies. The Statements encompass all the Mapei products Bretts Trade stores sell and are available for download now, or bookmark the Mapei solutions link, this will ensure you always have the most up to date versions.

Heads up on framing shortages

At Bretts, we like to try and keep all of our customers up to speed with any significant market trends, so we thought it prudent to warn you about timber framing shortages which are only going to get worse before they get better.

We have found ourselves in a perfect storm as a result of last year’s bushfires wiping out a significant amount of resource. On top of that, there has been a worldwide renovation boom as a result of the Covid lock downs, where people have started spending on home improvements. The price of lumber in the US has almost tripled and whilst we don’t import a lot of wood from America, it has jacked the world price up. The result is that there is now around 20% less framing available in Australia and we are already seeing the impact on our stocks right now.

So what can you expect?

As truss and frame manufacturers we have two choices, i.e. substitute higher grade wood to ensure our frames meet code, or delay manufacture until we can get stock of the correct grade and size framing. Where possible, we will substitute and absorb the price increase ourselves, but where this becomes significant, we will be forced to pass this increase on to the customer, or else ask you to be patient and wait for the wood to arrive.

Moving forward, you can also expect more price increases on timber framing, as a result of the shortage. All suppliers are having a price rise in November and there is talk of another in February 2021, so please keep this in mind when you are quoting and talking to your customers.

Sorry for the bad news, but better to be forewarned and forearmed to deal with the consequences. As soon as we know more, we’ll be in touch to keep you informed.

Bill Nutting
Executive Chairman
Bretts Pty Ltd

Easier & Faster

We've made it easier and faster to install sheet flooring by including a printed fastening pattern on the top-side of the sheet. The pattern is designed to speed up installation and ensures the correct amount of fixings are being used.

We've been through;

The 1920 Spanish Flu
The Great Depression of the 1930’s
The 1987 Stock Market Crash
Paul Keating’s 1990 recession we had to have
The 2007 Global Financial Crisis

We’ve made a 100 year career out of helping builders through good times and bad. More than ever, you need strong independents like Bretts, so please help us help you to see it through these dark days.

Thanks for your support in the past and more importantly, your support in the future.

Bill Nutting
Executive Chairman and third generation shareholder.

HIA guidelines to making space on building sites.

Industry guidelines to manage COVID-19 on new housing sites and renovation and repair sites.

In line with national work, health and safety requirements and the current health and safety obligations to meet COVID-19 working arrangements, the residential (domestic) building industry commits to making space on site to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Bretts Locksmiths are now SCEC Endorsed.

What's this about and what it means for you

What is SCEC

Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed allows Bretts to perform work on Australian Government facilities. To gain endorsement Bretts Locksmiths were required to undertake special security training regarding installation and servicing of SCEC endorsed products.

What this means for you

We have expanded our stock ranges to include SCEC approved product, and we can also manufacture SCEC endorsed products in our workshop. This means a much quicker turnaround on orders so your jobs can be completed faster than ever before.

In addition to this it means you can be confident in knowing that Bretts Locksmiths are continually updating our security systems and practices. While doing this we are ensuring our Locksmiths are fully trained with the necessary qualifications to perform to the highest level of security work.

Get in touch with our Locksmiths 24/7 on 07 3361 0510 or Book your next job Online we offer an all hours emergency service to repair locks, or assist with entry and lost keys.

SCEC explained

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth departments and agencies.

ASIO's T4 Protective Security directorate, on behalf of SCEC, evaluates protective security products to determine their suitability for use in Australian Government facilities. Approved products are listed in the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL).

SEEPL categorises products into four levels that indicate the relative ‘security strength’ of the item for use in Government applications. SL4 products offer a high level of security while SL1 products offer the lowest acceptable level of security for Government use.

SCEC Approved Locksmith scheme provides Australian Government agencies with Security Zone Consultants and Locksmiths who have demonstrated the necessary skills as well as having met high standards of integrity, honesty and confidentiality required of personnel working for or on behalf of the Australian Government.

Locking system manufacturing

Covid-19 Update.


31st March 2020

We would like to say that all our sites are currently operating, although we have put in place all the necessary disciplines for sanitisation and social distancing, as previously reported many of our team are now working from home. If you have any concerns about scheduled production of Frames & Trusses, Windows & Doors or Trade material supply please contact myself or your trade representative.

With the ever changing status of this situation, we wanted to keep you informed on what is happening across the ditch in New Zealand.

On Monday 23 March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the country was to move from Level 2 to Level 4 restrictions as of 11:59pm Wednesday 25th March for a period of 4 weeks.

Level 4 restrictions included specific details and definitions of ‘essential activities’ that were allowed to continue across the 4 week period.

Unfortunately, the building/construction industry (bar a few essential exceptions) was deemed non-essential and was forced to close for the 4 week period. So what has this meant for the Kiwi builders? It has meant all building sites have ground to a halt, unless they were deemed “essential activities” like health projects, critical infrastructure and or correctional institutions. So if Scomo follows suit, that’s most of you guys shut down for four weeks.

And what would it look like for Bretts? Well there’s a bit of an exception rule on building supply businesses. All Frame & Truss plants and Window factories are shut, so that’s our manufacturing operations shut down, but Hardware Stores & Timber Yards have been allowed to trade from 7-11am each day, but only to Tradies servicing the essential activity sites. So we’d probably keep the Trade sites open for a 4 hour window each day, to service those of you that are doing work on “essential activity” sites.

We most certainly will keep our internal & external sales teams operational, if only in a skeleton form in order to continue estimating/detailing and taking orders for when the lock down is eventually lifted.

So what happens next? Hard to tell, but what we do know is that the change from Level 2 to Level 4 restrictions in NZ was rapid (48hrs) and caught many off guard. We are currently putting together contingency plans for our business should this happen in Australia and our strong advice would be for you to do the same.

Whatever happens in Australia, we will be here to support you as much as we practically can.

Stay safe.

Bill Nutting
Executive Chairman

The Caboolture Store is Relocating.

Caboolture is expanding!! It’s been four years since we returned to Caboolture and set up a Trade Store again in the region and what a wonderful four years that has been. The Caboolture team have done a magnificent job, initially outgrowing the first shed in just 2 years and now we are already at a stage where both sheds we occupy simply aren’t big enough.

We will be moving to the Trend Windows building, which is literally at the end of the street. We took over the building on the 1st February and will be up and trading by the 9th March. The building is roughly twice the size of our current two buildings, so gives us the scope to significantly increase the range of timber and hardware stocked.

Renovations are underway and we can't wait to see you in our new store!

Please note, as we prepare to open on the 9th of March, we will be closing the store Saturday the 7th of March. We hope this doesn't cause to much inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. 

James Hardie Price Adjustment.
Effective 1st May 2020.

Product Name Increase
HardieFlex™ sheet & HardieFlex™ sheet in eaves lining sizes Villaboard™ lining 2.3%
ComTex™ façade panel HardiePlank™ weatherboard
New EasyTex™ Cladding
New ExoTec™ Vero™ Façade Panel
HardieTex™ base sheet
HardiePanel™ compressed sheet
James Hardie™ ceramic tile underlay,& vinyl and cork underlay
New RAB™ Board
Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard
Scyon™ Secura™ interior and exterior flooring
Scyon™ Stria™ cladding
Versilux™ Lining
ExoTec™ façade panel
EasyLap™ panel
HardieZeroLot™ panel
HardieGroove™ lining
PrimeLine™ weatherboard
Scyon™ Axon™ cladding
Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding (inc. Scyon™ Cavity Trim)
ARChitectural™ INraw™ panel & accessories
Minestopping™ sheet
PanelClad™ sheet
PineRidge™ lining
Scyon™ Axent™ Trim
All general and/or product specific accessories not individually specified herein*
HardieBreak™ thermal strip
HardieFire™ insulation
HardieWrap™ weather barrier
*Excluding HardieDeck™ accessories, HardieBlade™ saw blade

Geebung Trade Store Changes.

Our manufacturing facilities at Geebung are expanding and to make room we are moving our trade distribution and pickup centre to our newest trade store at Chermside. All future orders should be placed through our Chermside store, you will be notified as soon as they are ready for collection. With this change we will be running down stock on the Geebung site over the next month, so to avoid disappointment please do not call into Geebung, head to 616 Rode Rd. Chermside to collect your orders.

Of course if you are pressed for time you can always place orders on “BOLT” our website ordering platform. We can deliver your gear the same or next day and to make sure you are not out of pocket, if your order value is $250 or greater we won’t charge a delivery fee.

Albion's Hours are Changing

As of the 1st of Feb 2020, Albion will be open Monday-Friday. Saturday the 25th of Jan will be our last saturday trading.
For 24/7 Locksmith emergency service call 0408 651 844 any time including public holidays.

Trading Hours