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Structaflor, Easier, Faster 26/05/2020
Helping Builders for over 100 Years 21/04/2020
HIA Safe Work Guidelines 06/04/2020
Locksmiths SCEC Endorsed 31/03/2020
Covid-19 Update. 31/03/2020
Caboolture is Relocating. 02/03/2020
James Hardie Price Adjustment. Effective 1st May 2020. 25/02/2020
Geebung Store Updates 29/01/2020
Albion's Hours are Changing 20/01/2020

Material Price Movement

Manufacturer Effective Details Amount
Copper August 2020 General copper increase 4.9%
ITI Timbers September 2020 Various timber up to 8%
Parkside September 2020 Timber 2.5 to 5%
Valspar September 2020 Paint Various
AusPress September 2020 Press-Fit, Drainage and Tooling Solutions 6.3 to 11.1%
Kembla September 2020 Pipe and fittings 4%
Weathertex October 2020 Cladding 3%
Pinewood Products October 2020 Landscape timber 5%
Allegion November 2020 Door hardware up to 7.9%
Apex Group November 2020 Tools Various
Autex November 2020 Insulation Various
Cowdroy November 2020 Door track Various
Hyne Timber November 2020 Pine framing, GL17, GL18, GL21, landscaping up to 6.5%
Laminex November 2020 All products except whiteboard & flooring 3 to 6%
Porta November 2020 Pine mouldings Various
Simmonds Lumber November 2020 Timber up to 5.9%
Tasman KB November 2020 Timber Various

Easier & Faster

We've made it easier and faster to install sheet flooring by including a printed fastening pattern on the top-side of the sheet. The pattern is designed to speed up installation and ensures the correct amount of fixings are being used.

We've been through;

The 1920 Spanish Flu
The Great Depression of the 1930’s
The 1987 Stock Market Crash
Paul Keating’s 1990 recession we had to have
The 2007 Global Financial Crisis

We’ve made a 100 year career out of helping builders through good times and bad. More than ever, you need strong independents like Bretts, so please help us help you to see it through these dark days.

Thanks for your support in the past and more importantly, your support in the future.

Bill Nutting
Executive Chairman and third generation shareholder.

HIA guidelines to making space on building sites.

Industry guidelines to manage COVID-19 on new housing sites and renovation and repair sites.

In line with national work, health and safety requirements and the current health and safety obligations to meet COVID-19 working arrangements, the residential (domestic) building industry commits to making space on site to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Bretts Locksmiths are now SCEC Endorsed.

What's this about and what it means for you

What is SCEC

Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsed allows Bretts to perform work on Australian Government facilities. To gain endorsement Bretts Locksmiths were required to undertake special security training regarding installation and servicing of SCEC endorsed products.

What this means for you

We have expanded our stock ranges to include SCEC approved product, and we can also manufacture SCEC endorsed products in our workshop. This means a much quicker turnaround on orders so your jobs can be completed faster than ever before.

In addition to this it means you can be confident in knowing that Bretts Locksmiths are continually updating our security systems and practices. While doing this we are ensuring our Locksmiths are fully trained with the necessary qualifications to perform to the highest level of security work.

Get in touch with our Locksmiths 24/7 on 07 3361 0510 or Book your next job Online we offer an all hours emergency service to repair locks, or assist with entry and lost keys.

SCEC explained

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth departments and agencies.

ASIO's T4 Protective Security directorate, on behalf of SCEC, evaluates protective security products to determine their suitability for use in Australian Government facilities. Approved products are listed in the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL).

SEEPL categorises products into four levels that indicate the relative ‘security strength’ of the item for use in Government applications. SL4 products offer a high level of security while SL1 products offer the lowest acceptable level of security for Government use.

SCEC Approved Locksmith scheme provides Australian Government agencies with Security Zone Consultants and Locksmiths who have demonstrated the necessary skills as well as having met high standards of integrity, honesty and confidentiality required of personnel working for or on behalf of the Australian Government.

Locking system manufacturing

Covid-19 Update.


31st March 2020

We would like to say that all our sites are currently operating, although we have put in place all the necessary disciplines for sanitisation and social distancing, as previously reported many of our team are now working from home. If you have any concerns about scheduled production of Frames & Trusses, Windows & Doors or Trade material supply please contact myself or your trade representative.

With the ever changing status of this situation, we wanted to keep you informed on what is happening across the ditch in New Zealand.

On Monday 23 March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the country was to move from Level 2 to Level 4 restrictions as of 11:59pm Wednesday 25th March for a period of 4 weeks.

Level 4 restrictions included specific details and definitions of ‘essential activities’ that were allowed to continue across the 4 week period.

Unfortunately, the building/construction industry (bar a few essential exceptions) was deemed non-essential and was forced to close for the 4 week period. So what has this meant for the Kiwi builders? It has meant all building sites have ground to a halt, unless they were deemed “essential activities” like health projects, critical infrastructure and or correctional institutions. So if Scomo follows suit, that’s most of you guys shut down for four weeks.

And what would it look like for Bretts? Well there’s a bit of an exception rule on building supply businesses. All Frame & Truss plants and Window factories are shut, so that’s our manufacturing operations shut down, but Hardware Stores & Timber Yards have been allowed to trade from 7-11am each day, but only to Tradies servicing the essential activity sites. So we’d probably keep the Trade sites open for a 4 hour window each day, to service those of you that are doing work on “essential activity” sites.

We most certainly will keep our internal & external sales teams operational, if only in a skeleton form in order to continue estimating/detailing and taking orders for when the lock down is eventually lifted.

So what happens next? Hard to tell, but what we do know is that the change from Level 2 to Level 4 restrictions in NZ was rapid (48hrs) and caught many off guard. We are currently putting together contingency plans for our business should this happen in Australia and our strong advice would be for you to do the same.

Whatever happens in Australia, we will be here to support you as much as we practically can.

Stay safe.

Bill Nutting
Executive Chairman

The Caboolture Store is Relocating.

Caboolture is expanding!! It’s been four years since we returned to Caboolture and set up a Trade Store again in the region and what a wonderful four years that has been. The Caboolture team have done a magnificent job, initially outgrowing the first shed in just 2 years and now we are already at a stage where both sheds we occupy simply aren’t big enough.

We will be moving to the Trend Windows building, which is literally at the end of the street. We took over the building on the 1st February and will be up and trading by the 9th March. The building is roughly twice the size of our current two buildings, so gives us the scope to significantly increase the range of timber and hardware stocked.

Renovations are underway and we can't wait to see you in our new store!

Please note, as we prepare to open on the 9th of March, we will be closing the store Saturday the 7th of March. We hope this doesn't cause to much inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. 

James Hardie Price Adjustment.
Effective 1st May 2020.

Product Name Increase
HardieFlex™ sheet & HardieFlex™ sheet in eaves lining sizes Villaboard™ lining 2.3%
ComTex™ façade panel HardiePlank™ weatherboard
New EasyTex™ Cladding
New ExoTec™ Vero™ Façade Panel
HardieTex™ base sheet
HardiePanel™ compressed sheet
James Hardie™ ceramic tile underlay,& vinyl and cork underlay
New RAB™ Board
Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard
Scyon™ Secura™ interior and exterior flooring
Scyon™ Stria™ cladding
Versilux™ Lining
ExoTec™ façade panel
EasyLap™ panel
HardieZeroLot™ panel
HardieGroove™ lining
PrimeLine™ weatherboard
Scyon™ Axon™ cladding
Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding (inc. Scyon™ Cavity Trim)
ARChitectural™ INraw™ panel & accessories
Minestopping™ sheet
PanelClad™ sheet
PineRidge™ lining
Scyon™ Axent™ Trim
All general and/or product specific accessories not individually specified herein*
HardieBreak™ thermal strip
HardieFire™ insulation
HardieWrap™ weather barrier
*Excluding HardieDeck™ accessories, HardieBlade™ saw blade

Geebung Trade Store Changes.

Our manufacturing facilities at Geebung are expanding and to make room we are moving our trade distribution and pickup centre to our newest trade store at Chermside. All future orders should be placed through our Chermside store, you will be notified as soon as they are ready for collection. With this change we will be running down stock on the Geebung site over the next month, so to avoid disappointment please do not call into Geebung, head to 616 Rode Rd. Chermside to collect your orders.

Of course if you are pressed for time you can always place orders on “BOLT” our website ordering platform. We can deliver your gear the same or next day and to make sure you are not out of pocket, if your order value is $250 or greater we won’t charge a delivery fee.

Albion's Hours are Changing

As of the 1st of Feb 2020, Albion will be open Monday-Friday. Saturday the 25th of Jan will be our last saturday trading.
For 24/7 Locksmith emergency service call 0408 651 844 any time including public holidays.

We Have Moved!

It's official! We have moved from Windsor and are fully operational from our new trade site in Chermside. All the good TRADE gear is now at 616 Rode Rd. Chermside. Including; Landscape supplies, Structural and decorative timber, Fasteners, Power & Hand tools, Sheeting & Cladding, Cement and Bagged products, Paint & accessories, Residential Door Hardware and everything else you’ve always picked up from Windsor.

Our Commercial Architectural Hardware and locksmiths also have a new home. You will find them at 27 Wallace Street, Albion.

Product Change Update.

An important message that impacts all Bretts Trade customers who use particleboard flooring. From mid-November 2019, the branded Structaflor particleboard flooring range, by Borg manufacturing and supplied by all Bretts Trade stores and Bretts Frame & Truss in 900mm wide, will be changing to 800mm wide.

No change is being made to the length. Removing 100mm in width does not affect its ability to span 450mm (19mm) or 600mm (22mm) floor joists.

The specific products that will be changing are listed below.

Read more 


post - 04/11/2019

Brexpo is fast approaching! Friday 6th of December is the big day! Have you got your tickets? Kicking off from 1:00pm at Chermside, our newest trade destinaton store.

It is set to be a great show with over 70 exhibitors and 80 brands, tasty street food, special deals, lucky dip prizes, giveaways and much more!

Register for your ticktets and score a $100 voucher to spend on the day!

For more information and to grab your tickets. Click the link below. Hope to see you there.

Check out Last Years Highlights

Caboolture Golf Day

post - 09/10/2019

Last Friday, the Bretts Caboolture team and their builders enjoyed a day out on the green. A fantastic day was had by all and we'd like to thank Hume Doors, Hyne Timber, James Hardie, Tilling Timber and Pryda Australia who helped make the day a great success.

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks once again to everyone who attended.

Compliance Issues with Cavity Sliders in Wet Areas

post - 03/10/2019

QBCC inspectors performing audits of building work under construction have observed a trend over recent times where builders are increasingly utilising cavity sliding door systems in wet area locations that are intended to have wall tiles affixed.

Builders and trade contractors should be aware that many of our leading manufacturers who produce cavity sliding door systems do not recommend that their products be utilised in the above manner as their product’s framing system may not have been tested or designed to support the additional loads placed upon them by wall tiles.

In short, the timber or steel framing utilised in traditional cavity sliding door units do not meet the requirements of AS1684 ‘Timber Framing Code’, AS 3958.1 ‘Guide to the installation of ceramic tiles’ or provide an acceptable framing layout to meet the fixing requirements of wet area sheeting manufacturers. Therefore, if the wrong type of cavity sliding door unit has been used for the intended purpose, it is a non-compliant installation.

Going forward
To avoid the above issues, many building contractors have ensured the compliance of their work by constructing an additional stud wall in front of the cavity sliding door unit to allow for proper fixing of sheet lining materials and to provide a rigid and robust substrate which will not easily deflect and damage wall tiles or waterproofing membranes.

Understandably many builders and building designers may be reluctant to sacrifice valuable floor space within a wet area to install an additional stud wall but if the QBCC observes non-compliant building works, practitioners will be required to rectify these works.

Anyone contemplating the installation of a cavity sliding door system in a tiled wet area should consult the door and wall lining system manufacturer as well as your building certifier to ensure that the proposed installation meets all regulatory requirements.

Hume Doors have the answer!

Engineers have run numerous tests on the Hume Evolution Cavity Units which were based on the requirements of the relevant Australian standards, namely, AS1720.1 – 2010 Timber structures Part 1 and you can view the results in the PDF below.

Cavity Wall Unit Test Report 

Bretts at the Homeshow.

post - 02/09/2019

See what Bretts can do at this years Homeshow .

We are very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year's Home Show showcasing and providing an insight into the versatility of our manufacturing facility at Geebung.

To this end, we have created this modular tiny home, complete in all aspects right down to the finer details in the kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping spaces. This modular tiny home comes complete and ready to plug into mains utilities. Should our modular home systems prove popular we will manufacture to order exclusively for our Builder account customers and work with them to provide a value-adding proposition they can offer their clients.

To find out more, come and talk to us on the Lysaght stand at the Brisbane Home Show – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday, September 13th to Sunday, September 15th

Trade visitors - Entry to the Home Show is free to members of the building & design trade on presentation of these trade I.D's.

  • HIA membership card
  • MBA membership card
  • Master Tradesman membership card
  • DIA membership card
  • RAIA membership card
  • Master Plumbers membership card
  • Trade/contractors license
  • Business card

Bretts Windsor is moving.

post - 02/09/2019

After 100 years at Windsor we are pulling up stumps and moving.

During September/October our Windsor businesses will be relocating to two new locations. The traditional Trade business, including the Showroom, will move to the old Chermside Building Supplies site in Rode Rd, which we recently purchased. We’ve been busy renovating the site to accommodate our complete offer, so if you haven’t already done so, please drop into 616 Rode Rd Chermside and have a look. Our Head Office and Admin team will also move there.

Our Commercial Architectural Hardware and Locksmith departments which have been at Windsor since the 1990's will also move. However, not to Chermside, to 27 Wallace Street, Albion. Moving closer to the city will allow the Commercial Architectural Hardware and Locksmith departments to continue to conveniently service our traditional shopfitter and commercial builder customers with jobs based in and around the CBD.

All contact details will remain the same, and of course for our trade account customers online ordering via BOLT is always open.

Weathertex Fire Compliance.

post - 22/08/2019

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has proposed changes to its National Construction Code (NCC). These changes have affected the use and applications of timber cladding products in some circumstances. Weathertex has issued the below statement to advise that Weathertex products do stand in compliance with this code, are safe and fully usable in a vast number of builds.

THE FACTS about the proposed NCC changes and how Weathertex products remain the industry leader in timber cladding.

Weathertex’s industry-leading timber cladding products continue to comply with Australia’s stringent building codes and remain a high-quality choice for specifiers, builders and property owners.

  • Weathertex remains the industry leader in external timber cladding.
  • Weathertex timber cladding can still be used on ALL Class 1 and other low rise building classes.

Named the Number 1 Trusted Brand in 2016 and 2018 by Architecture and Design, Weathertex is dedicated to ensuring its Australian-made products meet and exceed every standard of durability, sustainability and safety. Weathertex products are 100% natural and use NO silica, glues, resins or formaldehydes.

This building code amendment, which is scheduled to come into effect in 2020, will only affect 3 and 4 storey Class’s 2 and 3 buildings.

Timber cladding can still be used on ALL Class 1 (houses, townhouses and apartments) and other low rise building classes.

At this point, the NCC has not changed. Standing concessions still apply to current builds that have been approved. No retrospective issues will arise with buildings already approved, and no product will need to be removed.

Weathertex is engaging expert consultants that will develop a Performance Solution for Class 2 and 3 (3 and 4 storey) buildings; a solution which will be added to the CodeMark certification.

The company’s products are in strong demand across the building sector and continue to lead the industry in quality, sustainability and safety.

About Weathertex

Australian owned and manufactured with a better than zero carbon footprint, Weathertex‘s timber cladding is the ideal solution for any builder, architect or designer in search for environmentally conscious and high quality material. All Weathertex products are made in Australia from PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods without any silica, glues, resins or formaldehydes. Weathertex Weatherboards are guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for 25 years.

Weathertex ticks all the boxes. Australian owned with a better than zero carbon foot print, third party certifications, sustainable and in touch with today’s industry standards for a cleaner environment.

Visit https://www.weathertex.com.au for more information.

Chermside Hardware becomes another Bretts Trade destination.

post - 21/03/2019

Bretts have successfully negotiated terms to purchase the assets of Chermside Hardware Pty Ltd, aka Chermside Mitre 10, effective 29th March, 2019.

You may or may not have been aware, that we have been on the hunt for alternative premises for Windsor, as the current lease on our old sawmill site (which we no longer own) were becoming prohibitively high. Chermside is a logical choice for us to migrate the albion Trade business into, as there are many synergies between the two businesses and much opportunity for us to improve our offer, by introducing ranges not currently sold by Chermside. We have agreed to take on all staff, so if you’re a “Chermside” regular, you shouldn’t notice much change in the short term.

Moving forward, our plan is to relocate the Frame & Truss equipment and staff to our Geebung manufacturing facility, to help improve efficiencies of our existing facility & we will use the vacated space for our increased ranges. So in the very near future, you should expect to be able to buy all the great trade ranges you currently see at Windsor, from Rode Rd Chermside.

We will continue to run Windsor up until Christmas, at which point we will close the doors and complete the migration of stock and staff throughout the Bretts network.

Chermside Hardware will also cease being a Mitre 10 store effective 29th March and become a true independent as part of the Bretts network of 8 trade stores including manufacturing of Timber & Steel Frames & Trusses, Aluminium Joinery, Architectural Hardware, Locksmithing and Trade Plumbing Supplies.

In the immediate short term there is no change to business, i.e. up until the 28th, please continue to use your Chermside Hardware trade account, but as of the 29th March, you will need a current Bretts account to trade at the site. If you don’t have a current Bretts account, you can apply online  , in store, with your existing Chermside rep, or alternatively please phone our Sales Manager Peter Crooke (0427 686 100) who can arrange for an account form to be sent to you. Of course any debts incurred up to the 28th, will be due and payable to Chermside Mitre 10.

Moving forward, our plan is to relocate the Frame & Truss equipment and staff to our Geebung manufacturing facility, to help improve efficiencies of our existing facility & we will use the vacated space for our increased ranges. So in the very near future, you should expect to be able to buy all the great trade ranges you currently see at Windsor, from Rode Rd Chermside.

We will continue to run Windsor up until Christmas, at which point we will close the doors and complete the migration of stock and staff throughout the Bretts network.

Chermside Hardware will also cease being a Mitre 10 store effective 29th March and become a true independent as part of the Bretts network of 8 trade stores including manufacturing of Timber & Steel Frames & Trusses, Aluminium Joinery, Architectural Hardware, Locksmithing and Trade Plumbing Supplies.

In the immediate short term there is no change to business, i.e. up until the 28th, please continue to use your Chermside Hardware trade account, but as of the 29th March, you will need a current Bretts account to trade at the site. If you don’t have a current Bretts account, you can apply online  , in store, with your existing Chermside rep, or alternatively please phone our Sales Manager Peter Crooke (0427 686 100) who can arrange for an account form to be sent to you. Of course any debts incurred up to the 28th, will be due and payable to Chermside Mitre 10.

Thanks in advance for your support and we look forward to seeing you at Chermside.

Versatile steel frames

post - 20/02/2019

Great frames for tiny homes.

Recently our steel frames factory created these beautiful little steel frames for a tiny home being built by Tinypods a family run business based on the Gold Coast. This smarter small building was designed to be self-sufficient and as close as possible to a net zero carbon footprint. The frames were constructed using TRUECORE® steel which was perfectly suited to this lightweight prefabricated tiny home.

This showcases the versatility of steel frames and one of the many applications available to builders and home owners when choosing to use a Bretts TRUECORE® steel frame solution

Read more about our steel frames  


Bretts Online Trade or BOLT kicked off the year with more than 9,000 products & free Ute deliveries.


Wynnum store completed their new fitout, making it an ideal pickup point for Bayside Builders.


Customers asked, we listened. A budget range of aluminium windows and doors. Quality is not sacrificed, but price certainly is.


Added to our arsenal. Conceived with the desire to cater for high-end and budget builds.


We took back the old Bretts store from Hudson Building Supplies in April. The store was revamped with expanded trade ranges to service inner city builders.


Keeping abreast of the changing face of the construction industry, we commissioned our Steel Roll Forming plant.

Trade selection.

The long standing Bretts showroom changed its focus to become a dedicated Trade Selection Centre for builders and specifiers.


Yes we can even make a Hybrid steel/timber system, so you get the best of both worlds.

Browns Plains.

Rocklea Trade depot moved to new premises at Browns Plains, a much larger facility.

Mustang giveaway.

To celebrate commissioning our Steel Roll Forming plant we gave away a Ford GT Mustang.


We are always looking at ways we can pass on efficiencies to our builders. This new initiative means a quicker and simpler truss tie down system.


Coming soon.

Steel water tanks

post - 12/12/2018

Made to measure tanks, now available from all Bretts Trade stores.

Kingspan manufactures long lasting, quality, made to measure steel water tanks. Made using Bluescope Aquaplate® food-grade polymer-coated steel specifically designed for water tanks. Tanks come with a ten year construction warranty and a 20 year warranty against corrosion. Delivery includes placement on your pre-prepared foundation, when placing your order nominate the fitting positon of the inlet, outlet and overflow.

Residential water tank range


The rounded ends of a Slimline Tank create a sleek, modern look, elevating the aesthetics of water storage.

Choose from a range of popular sizes, and Colorbond® colours to suit. Manufactured using genuine Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel with a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

Available in capacities from 600 litres up to 8,700 litres.


The traditional, corrugated round water tank remains a popular choice and offers the largest water storage volume available for any shape.

Manufactured with a true, deep corrugated profile and extra wide sheets, these are robust tanks with minimal seams and a classic round look. They are the favoured choice for roof top placement. Choose from a range of popular sizes, or customize the diameter and height to perfectly fit the space available. Round water tanks are manufactured using genuine Australian Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

Available in capacities from 500 litres up to 29,000 litres.


A Modline water tank is a great choice for tight spaces. These tanks have flat ends, giving them a modern look and a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity Slimline tank.

Choose from a range of popular sizes, or you can customize the length, width and height to perfectly fit the space available. Our Modline water tanks are manufactured using quality genuine Australian Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

Available in capacities from 770 litres up to 9,000 litres and a huge range of Colorbond® colours.


Square water tanks have flat ends, giving them a smaller footprint than the equivalent capacity Slimline or Modline tanks. This helps maximise water storage in a tight spaces.

Choose from a range of popular sizes, or customize the width and height to perfectly fit the space available. Square water tanks are manufactured using genuine Australian Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

Available in capacities from 560 litres up to 7,900 litres and a huge range of Colorbond® colours.

Smarter Permanent Formwork

post - 28/11/2018

The permanent PVC formwork walling solution.

AFS Rediwall® is a permanent PVC formwork system. The extruded components, depending on the selected profile either simply snap or slide into place, automatically interconnecting for rapid assembly and achieve an attractive, low maintenance wall surface.

Rediwall® requires almost no machinery-aided installation. In fact, installations can be undertaken without any training. And with its high quality semi-gloss finish it requires no additional finishing for most applications. Suitable as a tough, low-maintenance load-bearing solution for building subterranean structures such as basements and retention tanks, it can also be utilised for overhead applications such as party walls, columns and retaining walls, which makes it a truly versatile solution.

The benefits of afs rediwall® begin at delivery: arriving in stock lengths. Easily handled, its innovative panels readily snap or slide into place, making for rapid installation and core-filling—in almost endless applications. The resulting semi-gloss finish provides a low maintenance surface, with the option for further finishing as specified.

Retention tanks.


Stair wells.

Driveway walls.

Retaining walls.

Planter boxes.

New Trade Store

post - 12/11/2018

  74-80 Johnson Road, Browns Plains

Our Rocklea store has relocated to Browns Plains.

It's bigger than it looks, this 3.5-acre site caters for all builders and tradies with full ranges of timber, hardware, tools, fasteners and flat sheets. Come on down and say g'day to Matthew and his team, the store opens at 6:00 am weekdays and from 7:00 am to 11:00 am Saturdays. Very convenient for Southside pickups.

Legge Luxe

post - 05th September, 2018

New door furniture finishes

6000 series now available in Luxe finishes

The 6000 Series is ideally suited for apartments, office fitouts, hotels/motels and high quality residential homes. Designed for use with Legge 990MF mortice locks or alike products. The 6000 series can also be used with tubular latches.

The furniture be installed on 32 to 50mm doors, with bolt-though concealed fixings. The handle is made from forged brass with a zinc diacast round rose. The spindle is a standard 7.6mm and requires a 60mm backset.

Available in Passage or Privacy and Dummy functions.

For more information about handle styles, accessories and order codes download the 6000 series catalogues.  
For more information about the special finishes product warranty.  

Satin Black Chrome

Satin Brass

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Polished Brass


Antique Bronze

Satin Chrome




post - 30th August, 2018

Now available through Bretts trade stores

A World first in decking, created by builders for builders

Reduces labour by more than 50%

Perfect alignment everytime

Creates safe working area at heights

Eliminates the risk of warpage

Start from multiple positions with confidence

Made with 100% recycled product

Weatherproof + protect joist timbers

Australian designed, patented, owned + made

Once you have set out the first strip of Decktec with a string or laser, you will not be needing either of those again. Two clouts in each strip is sufficient to position the DeckStrip. These clouts are prepositioned in a sunken recess, so you’re guaranteed not to foul with your decking screws above.

You will know exactly where your decking boards start and finish.

Now the leading hand may move onto the construction of another project.

From the initial set out, simply butt the remaining strips until the entire surface is covered.

Decktec allows to set-out around objects such as pools, spas, trees etc. knowing after each side has been laid, the meeting board will align straight with perfect gaps every time.

Decktec’s propositioned spacers now allow for any number of employees to start at multiple positions with reassurance they will always meet with perfect spacings.

There is no need to check for progressive straightness and tweak those boards back to straight. Decktec self corrects with every pair of boards set down.

With Decktec’s patented spacing design, the fixed spacing provides a 2mm provision for expansion, while the taller spacer allows for those climate affected boards which may have swelled up to 1.5mm. Once the boards are secured, the taller spacer is easily removed allowing 5mm for expansion.

The taller spacers have a center indicator which provides surety when keeping the screw/nail line perfectly straight along the finished deck.

In addition to the ease and efficiency of laying a deck, the subframe is completely protected from water and grime accumulating on the timbers which would normally lead to deterioration and rot.


NRG Greenboard

post - 10th August, 2018

Available through Bretts trade stores

NRG Greenboard™ is an insulated wall panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation properties so designers can achieve the 6 star energy ratings that have been introduced into the building code.

NRG Greenboard™ is high density expanded polystyrene, containing fire and vermin retardant, acheive thermal ratings options from 1.92R to 3.96R,with added advantage of an acoustic rating (RW38). Creating an exterior dual cladding system, as a thermal exterior building envelope.

NRG Greenboard™ insulated wall panel is a lightweight,cost effective energy efficient product,e and once coated, the system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish.

NRG Greenboard™ is available in 2480mm x 1200mm in 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses, and 4960mm x 1200mm in 50mm, 75mm 100mm thicknesses.

Also available are Sunhoods and blades, weatherboard look Feature Clad, Symmetri-clad, Battens, and Greenbatts.

Sunhoods and Blades
Feature Clad

Brettstar Windows

post - 10th July, 2018

Manufacturing now

The Bretts manufacturing facility at Geebung has expanded once again, this time to include our new Brettstar production line of aluminium windows and doors. Conceived to offer budget conscience alternatives to our Vantage ranges and cater to the high level of demand we have been receiving for an entry level range of windows and doors.

The key to keeping this range within in budget is the standardisation, there is no reduction in quality or performance that customers have come to expect when purchasing windows and doors from Bretts. The range still offers all the common configurations and sizes.

Steel Framing

post - 10th July, 2018

Manufacturing now

The Bretts manufacturing facility at Geebung is now rolling forming steel house frames and trusses. Including steel to our production line alongside our timber production facility augments our range significantly, now giving builders a choice between steel and timber from one supplier. We can also package structural steel components to complete the offer.

Our steel frames are made exclusively using Bluescope Truecore® steel which is termite proof, fire proof, light weight, easy to install and work with, always true and straight.

Builders who purchase a steel house from from Bretts using Bluescope Truecore® steel before December 2018, will receive 1 entry in the draw to win a Ford Mustang GT.  Read more about this promotion  

Imex laser levels

post - 8th June, 2018

Imex Lasers

Imex has released a whole new range of rotating lasers, which have been specified by their construction experts and engineered to include numerous features for increased efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

The new range is a quantum leap in laser level innovation, with multiple ground breaking features that have been combined and included in a range of next generation laser levels.

  • 9 Ah lithium- ion battery with over 40 hour run time
  • USB charging port, fast charge
  • Digital Detectors in mm reading increments on all models
  • High wind sensitivity override on some models

As a combination these features make for greater productivity and efficiency and the standard German made digital detectors are setting the benchmark for accuracy out on the field. With up to 90mm pick-up band width and down to 0.5mm settings these are the most robust and accurate detectors available.

The Imex rotating laser level range comprises of 5 models ranging from a one-button easy use laser, a green beam model for a interior/ exterior package and a full auto dial-in dual grade slope laser for civil contractors. Every laser includes a Calibration Certificate and a 5 year Warranty, IP66 water resistant/ shockproof casing and the battery in the handle for easy removal whilst the laser is on the tripod. Battery charging can be done with the battery in the unit or whilst working or externally, and a vehicle charging plug is standard.

Its time to level a whole new world with Imex… the NEW # 1 Construction laser….

Bostik Xtreme adhesives and sealants

post - 3rd May, 2018

By popular demand,

Bostik has launched their Xtreme range of High-Performance Adhesives and Sealants, these high-quality solutions are made exclusively for trade and construction professionals. It is a comprehensive joint sealant offering, providing reliable, flexible and waterproof joints for a broad range of applications in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Xtreme sealant products are used for, facade and roofing systems, wall panels and partitions, weatherproofing and windows and doors, and work with most substrates.

Range at a glance

Product Application
Xtreme™ High-Tack A high performance professional adhesive. It has an extremely high initial tack which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. Developed as a universal adhesive for bonding many building materials. Bonding where high early strength is desired to reduce the necessity of mechanical fixing and support through the use of nails, screws and bracing.
Xtreme™ Flex A high quality and high performance universal sealant and adhesive which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. Universal bonding and sealing for internal and external applications. Adheres perfectly, without primer, on most, even damp surfaces. Creates a permanently elastic bond and seal with high mechanical resistance, end strength and flexibility.
Xtreme™ ClearFix A high performance, low odour, all-in-one adhesive and sealant that creates a high strength bond as well as a highly flexible, crystal clear seal. Bostik Xtreme™ ClearFix is ideal for indoor applications where a super transparent/invisible seal or bond is desirable. It bonds and elastically seals almost all building materials and surfaces. Glass to glass sealing and bonding, showers, bathtubs and vanities, etc.
Xtreme™ Fire Seal A high quality and high performance, versatile fire retardant sealant based on Modified Silyl Polymer (MSP) technology which provides up to 4 hours of fire resistance..

Watch Bostik Xtreme™ products in action to see how versatile they really are:

Showroom & Selection Centre Changes

post - 6th April, 2018

In keeping with Bretts primary business focus,

of being the supplier of choice for South East Queensland Builders, our bathware and appliance showroom will no longer be open to the general public. The showroom will become a resource dedicated for Bretts Trade account holders and their clients.

Winners drawn

post - 6th April, 2018

James Hardie Design Versatility Promotion.

Three lucky companies have been drawn as the Winners. All receive their prize as a credit to their Bretts Trade account.

1st Prize $10,000 - GETM Constructions Pty Ltd.

2nd Prize $5,000 - JA-MAR Constructions Pty Ltd.

3rd Prize $2,500 - Chris Ward Constructions Pty Ltd.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks from Bretts and James Hardie to all our valued customers who have supported Bretts by purchasing the great products manufactured by James Hardie. Stay tuned for our next exciting James Hardie promotion launching later this year.

Bretts New Store

post - 5th April, 2018

For those of you who are old enough, you will remember that this store was in fact set up by Bretts in 1972.

We’re delighted to announce that we have signed a Heads of Agreement to acquire Hudson Building Supplies at 69 Cavendish Rd Coorparoo, with a likely settlement date effective Friday the 13th April 2018.

For those of you who are old enough, you will remember that this store was in fact set up by Bretts in 1972 and operated successfully under our management until we sold it, along with three other Bretts stores, to Hudsons in 2001. So it is very satisfying indeed to bring the old store back under the Bretts banner. This brings our network of stores to seven locations namely; Windsor, Rocklea, Wynnum, Geebung, Coorparoo, Caboolture & Narangba (trade plumbing only).

The agreement we have signed is to take over the business on a walk in walk out business, so we should retain most of the staff and the trade ranges of stock. We will not be taking over any obsolete, damaged or strictly retail stock.

If you have a current Bretts account, this will work at Coorparoo effective the 14th April 2018. If you don’t have a Bretts account and would like one, please follow one of the links below to either print out and submit instore or by email or else follow the online application link to submit online. If you have a current Hudson account, you’ll need to make arrangements with Hudson to settle this account for any purchases you make there up to the 13th April 2018.

In the meantime should you need to speak with anyone about the future of the business, please feel free to phone our Trade General Manager Lewis Rolls on 0477 881 117 or our new Store Manager Jeremy Morley on 0421 472 630.

So now you have some real choice when it comes to shopping for building materials in the greater Brisbane area. Comprehensive ranges of timber, sheeting, doors, mouldings, tie down & fixings at Windsor, Geebung, Rocklea, Caboolture, Wynnum & now Coorparoo. Now you have a wide choice at the right price, making sure you have no reason to go anywhere else anymore.

We look forward to seeing you in store. If you have more question please read our FAQ's.

New Predator Pro Blades

post - 5th April, 2018

Engineered for extreme timber cutting performance

Austsaw Predator Pro blades have been engineered for extreme performance, giving up to 6x the life of a standard saw blade.

Anti-friction Teflon® coating means less gumming and pitch build up providing a superior quality finish. The heavy duty laser cut plate is built from premium European hi-density carbide steel, giving you extreme durability and cutting life.

Open the predator brochure to view the full range.

Yale Assure deadlock

post - 22 March, 2018

Nothing new about digital locks, except this one, check out the new technology packed into this lock.

Lock and unlock your home with your smartphone. Share digital keys with friends and family, view access history and manage user settings, all from your Yale Assure app. Controlled via the Yale Assure App, Yale’s “Twist and Go” function allows users the unique ability to unlock their door by twisting their smart phone when within Bluetooth range. The “Twist and Go” feature protects you and your family from unintended unlocking. Also offering a backlit touch screen keypad, users have the option of entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

An automatic Re-lock function is available so that when the latch is retracted, the lock will automatically lock after a specified period of time. For those times when you don't have your smartphone on you, unlock by entering your unique 4-8 digit pin code on the touchscreen keypad.

The Yale Assure digital deadbolt with Bluetooth can be upgraded with a Yale Assure ZigBee or Z-Wave Network Module to seamlessly integrate into most home automation and alarm systems. Available in Keyless Satin Chrome finish and Key override Satin Chrome finish.

Product features:

  • Share Keys - Share or delete digital keys using the app. Includes 5 digital keys with download.
  • Manage Users - Set unique access schedule for each user and view a history of who accessed your home, and when.
  • Create Unique Pin Codes - Create up to 12 unique PIN codes, adjust lock features and personalise your settings.
  • Twist & Go Unlocking - Rotate your smartphone 90 degrees upon approaching the door and touch the keypad to unlock.
  • Touchscreen Keypad - Unlock by entering your PIN code and lock-up with a simple tap of the keypad.
  • 100% Key Free (Keyless version)
  • No cylinder means no lost keys and no pick and bump break-ins. You don't need to worry about house keys with the Assure Lock - Your phone is your new key and the door can always be unlocked using the touchscreen keypad.
  • Simple Installation - Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes with just a screwdriver.

Compatible Yale Alarm Kit

Download the Yale Alarm App for complete peace of mind and knowledge that your home is secure. You can check your home anytime, anywhere via the App, and you can receive alerts and notifications if the alarm is triggered.

In the unlikely event of server disconnection, the alarm system will continue to function (arm/disarm) using the supplied keypad accessory. Alarm event is notifiedby email, push notification event (iOS only) and SMS message. We offer 20 free SMS messages per account, after which additional SMS messages would be chargeable.

The Alarm Kit can be extended to include additional accessories including a Power Switch to turn home appliances on and off remotely (i.e. a lamp or radio), a PIR Video Camera to view 10 second video of inside your home. You can even add a Yale Smart Lock to your front door; controlling them all from your Yale Alarm App.

Set-Up Requirement: For use in home with broadband connection. Homes with a router required with one freewired network port.

Product features:

  • Control via smartphone - View images of your home andarm/disarm your alarm anytime, anywhere
  • 433MHz technology - Yale uses a frequency that is tightly controlled, meaning a clearer channel with less interference from other devices
  • Pre-linked - Yale Sercure Connect Alarms come with components already linked to the Smart Hub. This makes installing your alarm quick and easy
  • Part arming - Set the alarm and secure downstairs while you move freely upstairs
  • Easy to fit - There is no need to damage your décor, lift carpets or run cables. All components are self-contained and no wired connections are required between units
  • Expandable - Add up to 40 devices to tailor the system to your home
  • No monthly fee - Putting you in control and alerting you directly means there are no monthly fees
  • Loud external (104db) and internal (94db) sirens
  • Easy to installation

4 Wheel Drive 1920's Style

70 Story "Plyscraper"

post - 8 March, 2018

Sumitomo Forestry, an industry giant in Japan, has a problem;

Most of their wood goes into building houses and with a shrinking population and a dislike of immigration, there are not a lot of houses being built. So, they are pivoting to plyscrapers, and proposing a 70 story, 350 metre tower for the Marunouchi district in Tokyo.

It's called W350, the plan being that it will be finished in 2041, the 350th anniversary of the founding of the company. I have previously wondered whether these tall towers are too much of a wood thing, but they are taking their time here and have an interesting rationale for it.

Using a hybrid 9:1 ratio of wood to steel, Sumitomo Forestry aims to replace concrete, which is one of the world’s largest carbon footprint contributors. The skyscraper would be a 70-floor mixed-use building that would include a hotel, office space, commercial space and residences. Wrap-around balconies at different intervals would be planted with lush wildlife. And greenery would extend throughout the entire complex, creating a vertical forest where humans and wildlife can flourish.

A Japan Real Estate site tells us that "the outside of the building will be encircled by balconies and fire-resistant plants." The building will have 455,000 M2 of space and be built from 185,000 cubic meters of wood.

Sumitomo claims that 2/3 of Japan is forested and that many trees replanted after the war need to be cut, or they will die and rot. Interestingly, Sumitomo is designing the building so that elements can be maintained for a certain period of time and then replaced as needed.

The used wood can be recycled and used as residential pillars and beams, and then used as a raw material for new wooden building materials, so that it can be circulated in the city. The final waste material can be used as fuel for biomass power generation and cascade usage of wood can be used such as using heat generated at the time of combustion of biomass power generation for drying wood.

Mega stump plucker

post - 01 March, 2018

Strong-Tie Connectors

post - 15 February, 2018

A new and range of unique connectors and ties are now in stock at our Windsor store. Including:
Concealed Joist Ties
Skewed Framing Hangers
Variable Pitch Connectors
Concealed Post Anchors

The CJT Concealed Joist Tie

Offers tested performance in a joist connector with a clean, concealed look. Designed for versatility as well as hidden beauty, the CJT allows the joist to be angled up to 45° up or down with no reduction in load.

LSSU - Ajustable Light Slopeable/Skewable U Hanger

The innovative design of the LSSU joist hanger allows it to adjust to any slope or skew up to 45°, eliminating the need for pre‑skewed/sloped or custom-order hangers. Now one hanger can handle a wide range of framing applications.

  • All models are slope and skew adjustable on site.
  • Sizes for both solid sawn timber and engineered wood.

VPA25 - Variable Pitch Connector

The VPA variable pitch connector is a versatile, field-adjustable solution for connecting rafters to the wall top plate. It adjusts in the field to accommodate slopes between 3:12 and 12:12, making it a complement to the versatile LSSU joist hanger.

  • Easy to adjust the pitch in the field to match the application.
  • Eliminates the need for time‑consuming notching of rafters.
  • Available for solid sawn and engineered wood applications.

CPT - Concealed Post Tie

The CPTZ concealed post base provides a clean, concealed look while providing a 25mm standoff height above concrete. The 25mm standoff reduces the potential for decay at the post end and satisfies code requirements for posts that are exposed to weather or water splash or are in basements.

  • The CPTZ is tested and load-rated for uplift, download and lateral load.
  • Simpson Strong‑Tie saves installers’ time by providing all the necessary components to make the connection in one box.
  • The CPTZ anchorage can either be cast-in-place or retrofitted with adhesive or mechanical anchors.

Will the Commonwealth Games affect my Bretts deliveries?

post - 08 February, 2018

More than 6,600 athletes and officials from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories will take part in 11 days of competition from 4 to 15 April 2018. What's more, around 690,000 visitors are expected during the 11 days.

As you might guess this means a fair amount of disruption getting orders to site. Mostly affecting building sites to the south of Brisbane, the further south the more potential disruption is expected.

Traffic throughout South East Queensland and especially on the M1 is expected to be very heavy. This increased traffic will affect all our deliveries. Delays are likely, the length of which will be impossible to predict.

We advise that if you have a building site south of Coomera you should organise your materials ahead of time. Or be prepared for the possibility of quite lengthy delivery delays.

Most notable delays and restrictions will occur along the M1 and the surrounding access roads. The movement of oversize loads (wider than 2.5m) south of Coomera from the 25th March until the 20th April will be restricted. This will mostly affect Frame and Truss deliveries to job sites south of Coomera over this period.

Wide loads will not be permitted to travel on the M1 during the day, they will be restricted to between midnight and 5:00 am. This restriction also includes any other oversize vehicles such as cranes, etc. Furthermore, there has not been any relaxation of when work such as unloading can occur, which means there will be a very difficult logistics problem for oversize loads.

If you anticipate any deliveries of Frame and Truss, Aluminium Joinery or Trade Hardware from 25th March until the 20th April 2018 please talk to your Bretts Trade representative prior.

Affected suburbs

[A] - Advancetown - Anglers Paradise - Arundel - Ashmore - Austinville

[B] - Banora Point - Beechmont - Benobble - Benowa - Biddaddaba - Biggera Waters - Bilambil - Bilambil Heights - Bilinga - Binna Burra - Birnam - Bonogin - Boykambil - Boyland - Broadbeach - Broadbeach Waters - Bundall - Bungalora - Burleigh Head - Burleigh Waters

[C] - Canungra - Carool - Carrara - Casuarina - Cedar Creek - Chevron Island - Chinderah - Clagiraba - Clear Island Waters - Cobaki - Cobaki Lakes - Coolangatta - Coombabah - Coomera - Cronin island - Cudgen - Currigee - Currumbin - Currumbin Valley - Currumbin Waters - Cypress Gardens

[D] Duranbah - Duroby

[E] - Eagle Heights - Elanora - Eviron

[F] - Ferny Glen - Fingal Head - Florida Gardens - Flying Fox

[G] - Gaven - Gilston - Glengarrie - Guanaba

[H] - Helensvale - Heydon Heights - Highland Park - Hollywell - Hope Island

[I] - Illinbah - Isle of Capri

[K] - Kingscliff - Kings Forest - Kingsholme - Kirra - Koala Park

[L] - Labrador - Lower Beechmont

[M] - Main Beach - Mermaid Beach - Mermaid Waters - Merrimac - Miami - Miami Keys - Molendinar - Mount Nathan - Mount Tamborine - Mudgeeraba - Mundoolun - Musgrave Hill

[N] - Natural Bridge - Nerang - Neranwood - Nobby Beach - North Tamborine - North Tumbulgum - Numinbah Vallley

[O] - O'Reilly - Oxenford

[P] - Pacific Pines - Palm Beach - Paradise Point - Paradise Waters - Parkwood - Piggabeen

[R] - Reedy Creek - Rialto - Rio Vasta - Robina - Runaway Bay

[S] - Sanctuary Cove - Santa Barbara - Sorrento - Southern Morten Bay - Southport - South Stradbroke - Springbrook - Stotts Creek - Studio Village - Surfers Paradise

[T] - Tabragalba - Tallai - Tallebudgera - Tallebudgera Valley - Tamborine - Tamborine Mountain - Terranora - The Spit - Tugun - Tumbulgum - Tweed Heads - Tweed Heads South - Tweed Heads West

[U] - Upper Coomera - Upper Duroby - Urliup

[V] - Varsity Lakes

[W] - West Burleigh - Willow Vale - Witheren - Wongawallan - Wonglepong - Worongary

[Y] - Yarrabilba

All New Decksheet

post - 08 February, 2018

Decksheet™ is the new, quick and easy way to construct your next decking project. No more laying individual decking boards. Individual boards now come in sheet form made from Merbau Timber, Kiln Dried to achieve Durability Class 1 for longer decking life.

There are two sheet styles. The traditional 90mm style sheet made up of 6 boards (564mm wide) and the wider 140mm style sheet made up of 4 boards (576mm wide).

Sheets come in four alternative lengths to reduce waste and cutting, 2700mm, 1800mm, 1350mm and 900mm. Each sheet comes with built in water flutes for drainage and subfloor ventilation. Simply set your joists at the standard 450mm centres and fix the sheets to the joists.

  • Up to 6 times faster to lay.
  • A more consistent look and feel compared to your traditional timber deck.
  • Easy to carry and move.
  • Easy to tie-down and transport.
  • Durability Class 1 to ensure longer decking service life.
  • Sourced only from registered and approved, legally logged timber.
  • Has built in water flutes for drainage and subfloor ventilation.
  • Applications include decks, wall cladding, screens, fence panelling and more. Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Select Grade Merbau hardwood in compliance with AS2796.2 for a quality finish.
  • Kiln dried to achieve the highest stability and durability Class 1.
  • Resorcinol glue for long-term water resistance and strength.
  • For cutting we recommend the use of a power saw with tungsten tipped blade
  • For fixing we recommend pre-drilling then using either galvanized or stainless steel screw fixings as per guidelines
  • Coat the sheets all round including the trimmed, or cut to length ends using a good quality sealer as per manufacturer specifications.

Real-Crete Concrete Sleepers

post - 08 February, 2018

Real-Crete is a quality, concrete landscaping solution for retaining walls, garden edgings, sleepers, paving, fencing and more. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Real-Crete is built for Australian conditions from environmentally conscious materials. Durable, long lasting and cost effective, Real-Crete not only looks great but is low maintenence, saving you time and money.

Real-Crete Structural Concrete Sleepers are used in Retaining Walls of greater height than 800mm. Real-Crete Structural Concrete Sleepers are steel reinforced and are manufactured to engineered standards. Available In: Woodgrain Finish / Smooth Face Finish

Structural Sleepers(S80)

1800mm x 205mm x 80mm (approx) weight 72kgs (approx) (Used in Retaining Walls 1.0 - 1.4m in height) AVAILABLE IN: Woodgrain

Smooth Face Structural Sleepers(SF80)

2000mm x 205mm x 80mm (approx) weight 80kgs (approx) (Used in Retaining Walls 1.0 - 1.4m in height) AVAILABLE IN: Smooth Face

Heavy Duty Structural Sleepers (HDS80)

1800mm x 205mm x 80mm (approx) weight 73kgs (approx) (Used in Retaining Walls 1.6 - 2.4m in height) AVAILABLE IN: Woodgrain

Heavy Duty Structural Sleepers (SFHDS80)

2000mm x 205mm x 80mm (approx) weight 81kgs (approx) Used in Retaining Walls 1.6 - 2.4m in height) AVAILABLE IN: Smooth Face

Extra Heavy Duty Structural Sleepers (HDS100)

1800mm x 205mm x 100mm (approx) weight 87kgs (approx) (Used in Retaining Walls greater than 2.4m in height) AVAILABLE IN: Woodgrain Only

Galvanised Steel Posts

Real-Crete can also supply you with your Galvanised Steel Post Requirements Note; 1830mm is the maximum steel post centre for 1800mm long sleepers 2030mm is the maximum steel post centre for 2000mm long sleepers (SF) Steel Posts are stocked in increments of 300mm from 900mm up to and including 3000mm

Pine supply shortages

post - 25 January, 2018

Demand for Pine framing in Australia has exceeded supply capabilities over the past 4 to 5 months and it has become increasingly harder to get the most popular lengths. The local South East Queensland Housing and Construction markets are governed by what occurs nationally and internationally.

Unfortunately, this pressure on supply is likely to persist far into 2018.

There are a number of factors at play which is causing the tight availability:

  • The Australian new housing market continues to be buoyant despite predictions of a slowdown by industry commentators.
  • Australia is not shielded from global influences. Demand globally has risen sharply which is driving prices up.
  • Imported structural pine is being supplied to other countries at a higher global M3 rate, once the Australian M3 rate moves up Australia will be more attractive to importers.
  • Australian mills are at capacity and are struggling to supply enough volume to service demand, particularly in popular lengths.
  • Volume has increased versus last year by 9% in Victoria and by 62% in NSW.
  • Currently, prime lengths 2.7s, 4.8s, 5.4s and 6.0s are the most affected. In terms of end sections, the impact is broad but 90x35 and 90x45 are the tightest end sections.
  • During this unprecedented shortage, we need to encourage you to take the range of lengths and not rely as heavily on the 5.4 and 6.0-metre lengths.
  • Price increases for February and March 2018 have already been submitted by all timber manufacturers and wholesalers.

We will keep you posted if these circumstances change, but in the meantime please consider ordering intermediate lengths whenever possible.

Happy holidays from Bretts

post - 21 December, 2017

Thanks to everyone for supporting Bretts in 2017, we look forward to an even better 2018. Bretts would like to wish all our amazing customers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We hope that everyone will get to enjoy some time off, from what has been a very busy year.

It's been an extraordinary year, globally and locally. Here are just some of the highlights you have seen from Bretts during 2017.

We set up a trade store at our Geebung distribution centre, another convenient location for you to collect your building materials from.

Opened a new Trade store at Wynnum which brings our total locations around south-east Queensland to six.

We expanded our operation at Caboolture, improving both product range and capacity.

Our Tool department at Windsor got a facelift to now include Kincrome, Milwaukee and Dewalt.

Expanded our range of Mapei, adhesives, sealant and chemicals for the construction industry.

Reviewed and extended our range of Anchormark and Fischer fasteners.

Re-introduced free delivery for online orders over $200.

Held our biggest and best ever Trade Expo at our Geebung site.

Focused on promoting our customers on Instagram.

Commercial Hardware Expansion

post - 8 December, 2017

Our commercial hardware department has experienced rapid expansion over the last few years and as a result has outgrown their premises. To allow the Commercial Team to continue and provide the high level of service customers have come to expect they are expanding their footprint within the Windsor Hardware store.

When you visit you won't notice much change, however behind the scenes the packing and stock areas have doubled. This will enable the team to more than double capacity while not compromising service.

The Bretts commercial hardware department is renowned for supplying the Architectural door hardware, Locksmith services and Washroom packages to many of the high rise developments and government buildings around South East Queensland.

Read more

Tool Department Expansion

post - 25 October, 2017

Trade Tool Shop now at Bretts Windsor

The Bretts Windsor tool department has undergone a huge re-vamp over the last few months with the inclusion of top trade brands, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Kincrome and Alpha.

Existng ranges of Paslode, Senco and Makita have all been significantly expanded making Bretts Windsor a destination tool shop to rival the best in Brisbane.

Tool Department Expansion

post - 25 October, 2017

Trade Tool Shop now at Bretts Windsor

The Bretts Windsor tool department has undergone a huge re-vamp over the last few months with the inclusion of top trade brands, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Kincrome and Alpha.

Existng ranges of Paslode, Senco and Makita have all been significantly expanded making Bretts Windsor a destination tool shop to rival the best in Brisbane.

Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Sutton, Irwin, Alpha, Senco, Paslode, Kincrome

Dewalt Alpha Cat Irwin Kincrome Makita Makita Milwaukee Milwaukee Paslode Tool chests Senco

Milwaukee Tools

post - 07 September, 2017

Heavy Duty comes to Bretts Windsor

Bretts Windsor now stocks a huge array of Power and Hand tools from Milwaukee.

The range includes corded and mobile power tools for just about every application. Hand tools for fastening, layout, clamping, sawing and cutting, work gear and storage, snips, knives, nutsetters and drivers, detection acessories and distance measurers.

In addtion to this, a comprehensive range of consumables for cutting drilling and fastening.

Win One Million Dollars

post - 07 September, 2017

It's easy to enter, here's how:

  • Come into a Bretts Trade store
  • Purchase 4 litres or more of any Wattyl paint product ( excluding private label and aerosols )
  • Take a photo of your receipt with your phone and SMS with your name and address to +61 437 650 512
  • You will then go into the draw, for every eligible receipt entered you will get one entry into the draw
  • One lucky consumer will be drawn on the 5/11/2017 to have the chance to win One Million Dollars
  • If you are drawn and don't win a million dollars you will still win $10,000 in Visa gift cards
  • The lucky consumer will be either at the Wattyl state office or the store where you made your purchase for an event on 04/12/2017 where you will choose 1 of 250 envelopes, one envelope contains One Million Dollars, the others will contain $10,000 in Visa gift cards.

Bretts Connect Trade EXPO

post - 24 August, 2017

Friday October 20, 2017

The Bretts Connect Trade Expo is on again this year at our Geebung manufacturing site. Home to our Frame & Truss plant, Aluminium Window & Door factory, Trade Distribution Centre, also home to our Geebung trade store.

The Expo is all about meeting industry leading manufacturers and suppliers, networking with your peers, and seeing some the latest new products and technologies from the exhibitors in attendeance.

The EXPO kicks off at 2:00pm and continues through until arround 7:00pm, Food and beverages will be provided throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

The expo is free for Bretts trade account holders who receive a $100 Milwaukee tool voucher, in additon to this there are over $15,000 worth of prizes to be won.

Q Timber

post - 24 August, 2017

New Web-application

The Queensland Government recently released Q Timber a web-application digital version of the publication Construction timbers in Queensland: properties and specifications for satisfactory performance of construction timbers in Queensland—Class 1 and Class 10 buildings, books 1 and 2. (CTIQ).

It is an interactive ‘look-up’ tool for CTIQ with descriptive guides and index. Q ​Timber provides designers, specifiers, builders and all timber users with a simple-to-use tool that interprets the publication CTIQ more easily.

The site also contains a fairly comprehensive array of timber advisory guides covering most aspects of timber use in Queensland construction.

Access the Q Timber site at qtimber.daf.qld.gov.au

Ground Breaking Technology

post - 1 August, 2017

3d Site Measures

Brett's offer market leading Faro Focus 3D X 130 Laser Scanner scanning technology to accurately capture the full external or internal detail of any building, site, or environment. Shooting approximately 1 million laser points per second, data from the 3D laser scanner can be registered to recreate a digital model of the scanned site. Consequently, drawings are cross referenced with the '3D point cloud model' of a scanned site. This ensures that all drawings are accurate before moving to production of frames, trusses, floor cassettes, window and door joinery or steel components. The data used has unparalleled speed, quality, detail, and accuracy.

This means more accurate site measures ensuring components manufactured and supplied by Bretts are 100% accurate, thus avoiding rectification work making installation more efficient.

Typical applications include:

  • Project Tendering/BIM Delivery
  • Refurbishment & Renovation Projects
  • Building Extensions
  • Pre-construction
  • On site Monitoring of Construction Build
  • Post Construction Model Verification
  • Facilities Management

If you would like more information please contact Darren (Harry) Harris from Bretts on 0409 225 307 or you can email Harry

Over coming weeks we will bring you some case studies on projects where our new 3D scanning technology has been used to improve your jobs efficiency.

Bretts Trade Purchase Mortons Hardware, Wynnum

post - 30 June, 2017

Two Brisbane Icons Join Forces

We’re delighted to announce that we have signed a contract to acquire the iconic Mortons Hardware business in 138 Singer St Wynnum, effective 3rd July 2017.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mortons, they are a small hardware and plumbing business that has been trading from the same premises for almost 70 years, successfully surviving against a very large Bunnings 3 minutes’ drive away and seeing off Masters in the process.

The current range stocked at Mortons is a variety of hardware, plumbing, tools & paint catering to the small builder and handyman. It’s our intention to dramatically ramp up the trade lines to include full ranges of sheeting, structural timber, doors, mouldings & general building materials to better cater to the Trade’s needs. We hope to end up with a model that is bigger than the satellite stores at Rocklea, Caboolture & Geebung, but not quite as comprehensive as Windsor.

The store will be managed by David (Wags) Wagstaff and you can get in touch with him by phone on 0407 715 885 or by email at dwagstaff@bretts.com.au Some of you may know Wags from when he owned and ran Chermside Building Materials, or more recently as one of our current sales team.

Your current Bretts account will work at Mortons from the 3rd July onwards. If you have a current Mortons account, you’ll need to make arrangements with Mortons to settle this account for any purchases you make there up to the 30th June and apply for an account with Bretts. So now you have some real choice when it comes to shopping for building materials in the greater Brisbane area. Comprehensive ranges of timber, sheeting, doors, mouldings, tie down & fixings at Windsor, Geebung, Rocklea, Caboolture & now Wynnum.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon.

How a butterfly could revolutionise window and doors

post - 25 May, 2017

Butterfly wings have inspired researchers to develop new solar windows

A new energy-efficient technology has been designed by the research team at the Australian National University (ANU). They have developed small nanostructures that are capable of finely controlling the direction of light.

Inspired by the Morpho Didius butterfly, the wings have tiny cone-shaped nanostructures that scatter light to create a striking blue iridescence. The ANU research team made similar structures and applied the principles in the butterfly wings to control the direction of light, which had previously been a challenge. These nanostructures are expected to drive efficiencies in solar cells and smart windows.

The technology is expected to create smarter solar panels by controlling light and heat transmission. It could also be used in aesthetic applications, by selecting from the visible spectrum. As an example, this technology could create a window that is transparent to some colours and opaque to others. This technology has the potential to create new designs and applications in architecture.

There has been no set timeline for this technology to be released to everyday windows and doors.

Source: Architecture & Design

New Products Alert

post - 18 May, 2017

See what new products we have in stock now

Want the latest building supplies? Check out our newest products available on our shelves now!

All products now available at Bretts trade stores!

Using Timber Leads to a Healthier Wellbeing

post - 11 May, 2017

Research suggests using timber in buildings can create healthier environments

A new report by Planet Ark, Nature Inspired Design, highlights the benefits of the interior use of wood to the occupants of the building.

The new report highlights the importance of connecting buildings with the natural world and how ‘Nature Connected Design’ and using wood can bring nature indoors and provide a healthier, happier environment. The research has identified that use of wood in furniture, fittings and structures has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. These include:

In addition to health benefits timber also has significant positive environmental outcomes. Timber is a renewable building material. It both stores carbon and reduces CO2 emissions, helping us fight against climate change.

An increasing number of architects are incorporating significant amounts of wood into their structures to capitalise on health and wellbeing aspects. For example, the use of timber in the Melbourne School of Design aspires to both educate the uses and also provide a catalyst for learning.

Using timber in design and construction of buildings can create healthier and happier environments.

Source: Planet Ark, Nature Inspired Design, 2017

Changes to Safety Regulations

post - 31 March, 2017

Inspectors can now issue on-the-spot fines

Changes to Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 in December of last year, mean inspectors can now issue on-the-spot fines for 18 new infringement notice offences. These new infringement offences relate to high-risk areas such as asbestos, hazardous chemicals and construction work. The fine amounts range from $432 for an individual and $3600 for a corporation.

Make sure that you comply with the new laws by speaking to your Site manager or WHS officer. If you are missing any safety equipment, have defects with your tools, or you are not complying with these new laws, please see the range of safety equipment we stock such as:

New Trade Store

post - 15 February, 2017

Bretts open new trade store at Geebung

In keeping with Bretts Timber & Hardware trade roots a brand new trade store opened on Monday 13th February 2017. This brings the number of trade stores to five including Rocklea, Caboolture, Windsor and the Trade Plumbing store at Narangba.

The store is conveniently located on the Northside at 26 Brickyard Road Geebung, at the front of the 8 acre Bretts manufacturing and warehousing facility. Bretts have occupied this site for a number of years now. Operating a Frame & Truss plant, Floor cassette and floor truss manufacturing line, Aluminium Window and Door factory as well as a distribution centre, warehousing bulk building materials for order assembly and delivery. So it made sense that Bretts open a trade store on the site to provide a pickup point for Northside customers. Feedback from Bretts trade customers identified that it was not always convenient to travel to the Windsor flagship store, so Managing Director Mr. Bill Nutting and his trade team decided to give their customers what they asked for.

The new store will be a fully stocked trade store holding bulk quantities of all the commonly used items you expect to find at a Bretts trade store. The comprehensive range will include all types of timber including; Structural hardwood, engineered timber, structural framing, mouldings, deck and step material, timber cladding, fibre cement and plywood cladding, landscape timber and fencing products, flooring, doors, jambs and architraves, general builders hardware, CD and bracing plywood, fibre cement sheeting, fasteners, finishing hardware, glues and sealants.

Bretts Trade General Manager, Mr Lewis Rolls has been hard at work to make sure the store has been designed to facilitate easy entry and exit and is compact yet spacious enough to allow fast order picking and loading onto a tradie ute. Trade customers can call in and pickup or forward order via Bretts online ordering system, nominate Geebung as the collection point and the trade team will have the order assembled ready for collection. Or check the delivery option for same day speedy service on one of our many delivery utes.

The long history of association Bretts has enjoyed with Brisbane builders continues with the rollout of this latest Bretts trade offer. Many older builders might remember the days when Bretts had over 10 stores scattered throughout South East Queensland, with future stores now planned Bretts will once again be Brisbane tradies building material supplier of choice.

Smoke Alarm Legislation

post - 23 December, 2016

New Smoke Alarm Laws from 1 January 2017

The new laws aim to protect the lives of every resident, by creating safer homes and one unified smoke alarm system. The new laws apply to new domestic dwellings, rental properties, and properties that are undergoing substantial renovations. From 1 January 2017 smoke alarms installed in new homes must:

Smoke alarms must be installed on each storey:

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has put together a fact sheet on the changes – you can download a copy here.

Installation of Window and Doors

post - 20 December, 2016

The installation of window and doors is still a major issue in Australian construction

Installation continues to be a major problem for the performance of windows and glazed doors throughout Australia. Large amounts of time and money are spent investigating a ‘failed window system,’ only to discover that real concern is installation. Around 80% of all window complaints are attributable to installation and care during the construction period.

The Australian Window Association’s (AWA) Marketing and Communications Manager Gary Smith comments, “poor installation has been the ‘Achilles’ heel’ of our industry for many years.” In direct response, AWA have produced a series of short instructional videos. The videos provide guidance to the industry on correct installation practice of windows and doors in different types of construction including brick veneer, commercial block work, clad/lightweight and double brick. You can watch all of the videos here.

You can always talk to us about windows and doors by either booking an appointment with our showroom consultants, or send us a request online and one of our window solutions representatives will contact you.

Sawmill workers suit up in new technology!

post - 7 December, 2016

An Australian sawmill company are looking into power suits to improve their OH&S practices

A new exoskeleton power suit developed by P-sonic and subsidiary ActiveLink could help a large Australian sawmill company. The AWN-03 power suit would provide lower back support to the user whilst packing timber. The sawmill company has been looking to improve its OH&S in its manual packing lines and are looking into the power suit as automatic systems are either too expensive or are unable to handle the complex shape of timber and do not have the productivity of humans.

Hiromichi Fujimoto, President of Activelink, the developer of the power suit said, “We are proposing robotics to help at worksites, because there will always be a certain level of work that must be done by people, and these power assist suits can help reduce the physical strain during work.”

The power suit, which connects to the back, thighs and feet of the user, automatically senses the user’s motion when lifting and holding heavy objects, and sends a signal to the motors to rotate the gears. It also raises the user’s upper body while pushing on their thighs which in reduced stress on the user’s lower back by 15kg.

This is a just a small glimpse into how power suits could be used to assist workers in manufacturing, forestry and construction. They may even find their way to your work site in in the near future.


post - 7 December, 2016

Want to save time when shopping with us?

Introducing our new ExpressPick for mouldings and timber. It’s easier, faster and more efficient! All you have to do is:

  1. Write the quantity and length of your timber on the ExpressPick tag which is located right next to the product you need
  2. Ask a staff member if you need any items cut to specific measurements and load the items onto your ute
  3. Take theExpressPick tag to the counter and complete your purchase. Easy!

It saves you time and also means less wait time at the checkout! It’s a win, win!

Timber skyscrapers - Part 2

post - 24 November, 2016

Australia’s Very Own Timber Multistorey Buildings

Australia’s first residential, commercial and public timber buildings made entirely from cross laminated timber

Australia’s first success story, Forte in Melbourne, was the first building in Australia to utilise cross laminated timber panels. Developed by Lend Lease, the project made global headlines after it became the tallest timber high-rise apartment building in the world at 10 storeys (which has now been surpassed by the Treet building in Norway). Another more recent project by Lend Lease is The Library at the Dock, a three storey community hub and library in the Melbourne Docklands. The first commercial building, International House Sydney, will also be constructed from cross laminated timber and is scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Cross laminated timber has been popular in Europe for more than a decade, however Lend Lease has been the first in Australia to use it in multistorey buildings. Still a rarity in Australia, the engineered timber industry is still in its infancy, lagging behind Europe and increasingly the US and New Zealand. These mass timber building have the structural strength similar to traditionally used steel and concrete, and has the potential to change the way buildings are constructed in Australia.

Using timber offers many advantages over convention materials of steel and concrete. Timber is renewable and sustainable resource and it reduces CO2 emissions. It offers better thermal performance and requires less energy to heat and cool which means reduced energy and water costs. The cross laminated timber panels for Australia’s 3 major projects were prefabricated in Europe, are craned and screwed into position with next to no waste and far less construction noise. Mass timber buildings can be built in two thirds of the time compared to the traditional materials of steel and concrete. Lend Lease’s Head of Timber Solutions, Andrew Nieland commented on the benefits of using cross laminated timber, “Cross laminated timber uses more efficient construction process that is environmentally sustainable, durable, better quality and safer.”

Cross laminated timber and has the potential to revolutionise the way Australian buildings are being constructed, toward a more sustainable future. Maybe we will see an 80 storey timber building, just like last week’s article, in our future skylines.

Colt Compressors

post - 17 November, 2016

"New comprehensive range of Colt compressors now at Bretts Windsor"

As part of our commitment to trade supplies we have beefed up our range of compressors, with a comprehensive range of Senco Colt compressors. The range is expansive enough to meet most of your on-site requirements.

Specifications Colt 160 Colt 180 Colt 200 Colt 270 Colt 312
Tank Capacity 24 litre 6 litre 12 litre 50 litre 50 litre
Power 1.5hp / 1.1kw 1.5hp / 1.1kw 2hp / 1.5kw 2hp / 1.5kw 2hp / 1.5kw
PSI up to 145 psi up to 116 psi up to 145 psi up to 145 psi up to 145 psi
RPM 3,000 3,400 2,900 3,400 1,480
Power source single phase
single phase
single phase
single phase
single phase
240v 10 amp
Capacity 2.5cfm, 70lpm
free air
2.1cfm, 60lpm
free air
7.1cfm, 200lpm 2.1cfm, 60lpm
free air
8.6cfm, 244lpm
Warranty 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited 12 months limited
Steel valve plates n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Filter regulator n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Cast iron cylider
with aluminium heads
n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Thermal overload switch n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Oil lubricated n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Oil free yes yes yes yes n/a
CELN equivalent n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Nitto equivalent yes yes yes yes n/a
Belt drive n/a n/a n/a n/a yes
Direct drive yes yes yes yes na
Essentials Price $335 $229 $282 $395 $749
Colt 312 compressor
Colt 270 compressor
Colt 200 compressor


Colt 180 compressor
Colt 160 compressor

Timber skyscrapers - Part 1

post - 17 November, 2016

"River Beech Tower, 300 unit all timber construction high rise"

As part of a master plan along the Chicago River, USA, the River Beech Tower is a residential high-rise which, if built, would be taller than any existing timber building. The Perkins+Will’s proposal is still in very early development but it would include 300 duplex units and communal shared areas such as indoor parks. The team’s vision is to create a “social and sustainable adaption to high rise development.”

Reaching to 80-stories, it would tower over other timber skyscrapers like other proposals such C.F. Moller and Dinsell Johnsson’s 34 story building in Stockholm and our very own 10 story Forte apartment building in Melbourne. To reach new heights, the Perkins + Wills team have used a different approach to the previously built structures by using a diagrid system. Perkins+Will explain, “The design is made possible by an innovative structural system engineered to take the full advantage of the timber’s natural strength through an exterior diagrid system.” The building’s vertical and lateral loads are resisted by connecting the outer diagrids with the internal cross bracing that skirts the central atrium, allowing for efficient load distribution across all timber elements.

It is still unknown if the River Beech Tower will be realised but it will definitely be one for the record books. River Beech Tower is a collaboration between Perkins+Will, Thornton Tomasetti and the University of Cambridge.

Next week - Part 2 - Australia’s Very Own Timber Multistorey Buildings

Timber skyscraper engages the diagrid engineering system

QBCC Tie Down requirement

post - 17 November, 2016

The QBCC has recently detected issues with the treaded rod

Which provides tie-down to roof and wall frames particularly in high wind and cyclonic wind speed regions. AS1684 Timber Framing Code includes a requirement that all metal straps, framing anchors and similar connections have a minimum corrosion protection of 275 grams weight of zinc coating per square metre of surface area

Bretts Trade is aware of QBCC requirements for cyclone tie down rods as stipulated in AS1684. We have a full range of HDG cyclone rods available, that completely comply with the QBCC standards. We also stock Bremick electroplated zinc rods with organic coating. Bremick have stated that their electroplated zinc rods with organic coating have been tested in an appropriate facility. Bremick believe their products outperform the corrosion protection performance of the HDG rod, which does comply with the relevant standards. Bremick have sought approval from QBCC about the compliance of their product.

Online Ordering and Pricing at Bretts

post - 17 November, 2016

Quotes back in 1 Hour    Deliveries to site, same day   Deliveries for Free!

Sound to goo to be true? Read on to be pleasantly surprised and find out how to get this level of service using your trade account at Bretts!

Did you know we have online ordering and pricing for our Trade Account customers? Log onto Online Pricing and check out how easy it is to price a job or place an order online! Pricing a job is made easier and faster with us, by generating a list online. Send it to our Trade Estimating Team and get fixed job pricing back in an hour.

Order all of your materials online and select either delivery or collection in store. Your order will be prioritised and will be delivered on site or be ready for collection within 2 hours (subject to product availability). If your fasteners and consumable items order is over $200 your Ute delivery will be FREE! Easier, Faster and more efficient, you’ll be able to spend less down-time at the site and no need to rush to get supplies.

Register now 

Bretts online pricing
Bretts online order

Trade Brekkie

post - 03 November, 2016

"Featuring HardieDeck".

This week at the trade brekkie James Hardie will be talking about the features and benefits of thier HardieDeck system, specifically talking about the new timber like stain finish that can be achieved with HardieDeck.

Read more 

New Product

post - 03 November, 2016

"Reefe pumps".

Bretts Windsor now stocks a comprehensive range of pumps to suit many applications

Mid-rise timber construction

post - 14 October, 2016

"An exciting development for the construction industry".

There is a growth of timber building pushing the height limits. Canada has three tall timber buildings in the pipeline, a 13-storey Quebec City project, using cross-laminated timber and glulam, a 12-storey building in Ottawa and a project in Vancouver targeting 18 storeys. Not to be outdone, the highest timber building planned so far is a 23-storey office building in Sweden.

To accelerate the uptake of timber framing and massive timber building systems in mid-rise projects in accordance with the recent changes to the National Construction Code, the new WoodSolutions team of design, engineering, construction and development specialists has started a pilot program in Melbourne, complemented by a smaller-scale activity in Brisbane.

Earlier this year, a series of workshops, facilitated by Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) and attended by senior industry representatives, saw Jennifer Cover, Executive Director of the United States’ WoodWorks program (www.woodworks.org) outline the structure and achievements of the US wood field force advisors. Based on their considerable success, a similar model was developed for trial in the Australian market.

Extensive consultation with industry and potential sponsors outlined the scope and operations of the new Technical Field Force Pilot Project, with funds in excess of AU$1.5 million over three years being committed from a large number of industry sponsors including key gold sponsors who are AKD, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, Bowens, Hyne Timber, Meyer Timber, Parkside Timber, Tillings, Timberlink, Timber Queensland, XLAM and Wesbeam with matching contributions from the Australian Government via FWPA.

“This is an exciting development for our industry, said Ric Sinclair, FWPA’s managing director, “first, we undertook the research, secured the code change to allow market access and now we have a dedicated program to encourage uptake of the research by the building community. Our high calibre professional team is focussed on market extension, and we know from research that it is important to get involved in the early stages of projects to ensure adoption”.

With extensive experience in property development, construction, timber engineering and architecture, the WoodSolutions team of Program Development Managers are ideally placed to liaise with development, design and construction professionals, providing generic information and advice on making the most of the cost, time and other advantages of timber building systems.

Melbourne-based Gerry Neylan, a construction, planning and property specialist and WoodSolutions team member, said this was a great opportunity to engage with the marketplace about constructing new projects more quickly, quietly and safely – while also addressing issues such as social responsibility and sustainability. Sentiments that were echoed by Brisbane-based Stefan Gerber, a timber engineer, who added that after only a few weeks he is already finding many designers and engineers are highly interested in discovering more about new opportunities with timber.

“Typically, the outputs of research, even following a building code change of this order, we would expect changes in design and building practices and material specifications to take many years to flow through the market,” explained Mr Sinclair, “this new program will substantially reduce the uptake time and generate greater sales volumes for timber products. The challenge for our industry is to ensure that the whole supply chain is knowledgeable, prepared and able to meet the increased demand.”

Massive timber construction

Pryda timber connectors

post - 13 October, 2016

This weeks trade Brekkie at Windsor.

Read more…

Deal of the week from Pryda, purchase any box of Triple Grips or Multi Grips and receive a 500g packet of galvanised connector nails at no charge.

pryda deal

Regulatory requirement notice

post - 6 October, 2016

In the state of Queensland, Pryda DOES NOT support use of power driven nails in triple grips and multi grips any further.

Read more…

Experience has shown over many years that it is not practical to use power driven nails in timber connectors such as triple grips and multi grips owing to:

  1. Small interface of steel on timber
  2. Lack of positive positioning tools in industry to adhere to recommending positioning of power driven nails

As a result, majority of connections done using power driven nails in triple grips and multi grips are non-compliant. Similar concerns have been expressed by QBCC [Queensland Building and Construction Commission] via it’s industry release “Connections: Gun Nailing of Framing Anchors and Straps” for December’ 2015

Power driven nails may be used with other connectors like Cyclone Ties, Tie-Down Straps [Punched/ Un-punched], Mitre Plates and Joist Hangers while adhering to strict parameters as recommended in Design Guides. Failing correct use of power driven nails in such connectors, the certifiers have every right to deem the work defective needing immediate remedy.

Check out further information on the QBCC blog  Read more 

Imex lasers

post - 6 October, 2016

New laser level released

Read more…

Imex LX3D is about to change the scene for interior laser levelling. This new multi-directional line laser with 3 uninterrupted 360° lines in red and green beam, with hyper bright and a long run time the LX3D is the new benchmark for professional trades people. The unit will be demonstrated at this week’s brekkie.

  • 30m indoor and 80m outdoor range
  • Up to 45 hours single beam run time
  • Lithium-ion batteries, USB charging port
  • 70° oven test winner
  • Tripod options
  • Magnetic wall bracket

First 50 registered warranties will receive a FREE Imex solar iPower bank.

Imex laser level

Wood First

post - 30 September, 2016

Queensland government urged to consider wood first policy.

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The Queensland State and Local Governments are being urged to consider wood as the preferred material of choice for all public sector building and construction procurement projects by peak industry body Timber Queensland, who this week launched their state-wide ‘wood encouragement’ campaign.

Many Governments around the world are adopting a Wood Encouragement Policy (WEP) as part of their procurement practices to better capture carbon abatement benefits in construction. These include New Zealand, Canada, France, Finland and the Netherlands, as well as many local governments in Australia, including the Latrobe City (Victoria), Tumut (NSW), Wattle Range (SA) and Nannup (WA) councils.

Presently, these are no councils in Queensland that have such a policy. As part of the campaign launch, Timber Queensland and Planet Ark are visiting a number of local councils in the southeast region this week, including the Moreton Bay, Gympie and Fraser Coast Regional Councils, to promote greater awareness of a WEP for sustainable building outcomes.

A WEP requires responsibly sourced wood to be considered as the first-choice construction material in all new-build and refurbishment projects. Such a policy would not mandate the use of wood, but rather require its full consideration as a preferred building material when it is equally fit-for-purpose.

“We look forward to promoting a Wood Encouragement Policy in public building and housing procurement, which can assist with the Queensland Government’s Climate Action Plan. We urge the Queensland Government to adopt such a policy as part of the Action Plan”, Timber Queensland Chief Executive Mick Stephens said.

Colt Air Compressors

post - 30 September, 2016

Colt compressors now in stock.

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Senco Colt 200


NEW Senco Colt 200

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Nitto equivalent fittings
  • Oil free, portable and compact
  • Easy to store, has integrated control panel
  • 12 litre tank, 1.5HP, up to 145 psi, 2,900 rpm, 200 litres per minute
  • 12 Month warranty

Senco Colt 170


NEW Senco Colt 170

  • Portable and convenient
  • Nitto equivalent fittings
  • Oil lubricated
  • 24 litre tank, 2.0HP, up to 116 psi, 2,850 rpm, 170 litres per minute
  • 12 Month warranty

Trade & building material EXPO 2016

post - 7 September, 2016

Bretts trade expo on agian this Friday 9th from 2pm

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  • Over 50 manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting
  • Major prize, a travel voucher to the value of $5,000
  • Loads of other prizes to be won at each exhibitors stand
  • Expo only deals and specials
  • Talk to the experts about new products and see demos of products in action
  • Happy hour vouchers to be won, every hour on the hour from 3:00pm
  • Food and refreshments provided
  • Must be a Bretts customer and ticket holder to take advantage of the deals and enter for the prizes


Register for tickets now…

AnchorMark Pty Ltd

post - 22 August, 2016

Decking Screw - In action at the trade brekkie this Friday

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  • High degree of weather resistance.
  • Self drilling tip makes drilling easy.
  • Small head diameter and under-head pockets ensures that the head can sink cleanly and easily.
  • Grooved shaft adds strength.
  • Timber is protected from tearing or splitting by the drill tip.
  • 304 stainless steel.
  • Lengths available from 50mm to 80mm .


Order online

Fletcher Insulation

post - 04 August, 2016

PERMASTOP® Building Blanket

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Provides excellent thermal insulation properties, keeping homes and buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Check out the insulation and talk to the Fletcher Insulation trade representatives at our trade Brekkie Friday morning 5th August from 6.30am.

  • Minimises the risk of condensation.
  • Reduces energy usage to deliver cost savings.
  • Excellent acoustic properties – reduces rain noise.
  • Faced with industry leading Sisalation® reflective foil laminate in your choice of Light, Medium or Heavy duty strength.
  • Available in customised lengths to improve installation efficiencies.
  • FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation® – safe to use.
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified.
  • Codemark certified.
  • Manufactured from up to 80% recycled content.
  • Satisfies Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements of 0-40 in roof applications and 0-FZ in wall applications (in accordance with AS 3959 – 2009).
  • Australian made.


Order online

Bremick fasteners

post - 28 July, 2016

Finally a solution ! the new Bremick deck screw is available

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Truss head wing decking screw, engineered to suit applications where hardwood decking is being screwed to up to 2.5mm steel.
See and test the screw at our trade Brekkie Friday morning 29th July from 6.30am.

  • 14-14g x 45mm
  • No. 3 square drive for additonal torque
  • 14 guage for added strength
  • Revolution 8 coating protection
  • Swarf channel allows debris to escape
  • Winged self drilling tip
  • Available in a box of 500 screws


Order online

Heritage church project

post - 27 July, 2016

Amazing project built by Glen Williams Constructions using Bretts Aluminium Windows and Doors.

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Transforming a heritage property into a home. The church remaining in its original condition was a high priority and added to the wow factor of the new home. Integrating the two was achieved with raking windows both front and rear in the entry foyer which joins the old Church, now a 'Games Room', to the new part of the house.

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James Hardie Win a Trailer Promotion

post - 25 July, 2016

Winner drawn Friday 22nd at 8am

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A very happy Matt Henderson from MWH Constructions has won the trailer valued at $5,500. Many thanks to Matt and all Bretts customers who qualified by purchasing James Hardie products from Bretts over the last 3 months.

CAT workwear breakfast

post - 14 July, 2016

20% off CAT workwear! 1 day only.

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This weeks trade breakfast is sponsored by CAT workwear.

At Bretts Windsor store, this Friday 15th July from 6.30am.

Also receive a free cap or beanie when you purchase any CAT product at this Fridays breakfast.

Store wide sale

post - 15 June, 2016

20% off everything! 2 days only.

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Store wide sale

It's on again, our store-wide-sale. Every single item in the store will be discounted by 20% this Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June.

Only at Bretts Windsor store.

Discount only applies to Cash purchases and cannot apply to previously discounted lines, current advertised promotion products or quotations.

Save up to $800

post - 07 June, 2016

On Elan and Classic models

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Falcon sale

Falcon is inspired by both traditional and modern elements of the upright cooker world, offering five definitive styles; Elan, Classic Deluxe, Classic, Professional and Kitchener. Every Falcon cooker is made in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, and benefits from over 186 years of manufacturing experience. Rangehoods and splashbacks are also available to complement the Falcon cookers

Read more... or visit our showroom and talk to an appliance consultant

Todays Hours: {$location-Windsor-trade-todayhours} - {$location-Windsor-showroom-showroomhours}

For more information contact the Bretts Showroom team on Tel: {$location-Windsor-showroom-phone} or via email: {$location-Windsor-showroom-email}

Clearance Sale

post - 05 May, 2016

Now on until sold out

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Clearance sale
Liquidation sale


  • All stock must go
  • Everything below cost
  • Cypress timber includes:  Posts, beams, bearers, joists, flooring, decking, fencing, sleepers, framing, firewood
  • Bathware includes:  Toilets, basins, baths, tapware, vanities, sinks and more...

    location:  The old Cypress Supplies timber yard at 25 Piper Street, Caboolture

    Trading Hours:  8am to 4pm Weekdays and Saturday morning or until sold out

    For more information contact the Bretts Caboolture team on Tel: 07 5495 1963 or via email: caboolture@bretts.com.au

    Makita Floor Stock Sale

    post - 14 March, 2016

    Now on until end of April

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    Makita sale


  • All floor stock must go
  • Beat the price rise
  • Best prices on Makita tools

    Todays Hours: {$location-Windsor-trade-todayhours} - {$location-Windsor-trade-hardwarehours}

    For more information contact the Bretts Windsor team on Tel: {$location-Windsor-trade-phone} or via email: {$location-Windsor-trade-email}

    Caboolture store stocks Cypress

    post - 14 March, 2016

    Looking for Cypress Supplies? look no further Bretts Caboolture will help with all your Cypress requirements

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    Cypress supplies

    Caboolture now open: 1/9 Pasturage Rd, Caboolture QLD 4510.

  • New shipments of Cypress have arrived at Bretts Caboolture
  • Large range of Structural sections and Framing sizes
  • Delivery small lots or full frame lots
  • Decking, flooring, posts, beams, lintels, joists, bearers, framing and fencing.
  • Todays Hours: 6am to 5pm - Weekdays 6am to 5pm - Friday 6am to 4.30pm - Saturday 7.00am to 11.00am - Sunday Closed

    You can contact the Bretts Caboolture team on Tel: 07 5495 1963 or via email: caboolture@bretts.com.au

    New Trade store OPENS

    post - 03 February, 2016

    Convenient Northside trade store at Caboolture

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    Caboolture now open: 1/9 Pasturage Rd, Caboolture QLD 4510.

  • Stocking a wide range of building supplies including timber mouldings, framing, hardwood and Cypress
  • Easy access, in and out fast
  • Good stocks of structural LVL's
  • Fast sameday Northside deilveries for goods in-stock
  • Todays Hours: 6am to 5pm - Weekdays 6am to 5pm - Friday 6am to 4.30pm - Saturday 7.00am to 11.00am - Sunday Closed

    You can contact the Bretts Caboolture team on Tel: 07 5495 1963 or via email: caboolture@bretts.com.au

    Next Tradie Brekkie on this Friday 12th February

    post 03 Feb, 2016

    From 6.30am opposite our trade service counter. Happy hour. the coffees are free between 6.30am and 8.30am you can also enjoy a sumptuous bacon and egg brekkie role and catch up with the attending trade supplier.

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    This week the brekkie is sponsored by James Hardie. Shane from James Hardie will be available, showing some of new initiatives being developed by his company including: the new Hardie Deck and Hardie Smart boundary wall systems.

    The lads from Metro Nissan will also be there to draw the winner of Nissan Navara competition. First Prize is a weekend for two at the Crown Casino, Melbourne. Make sure you don't miss this you could be the lucky winner!

      Read more about how to enter this fantastic promotion...

    Coffee at Bretts

    post - 10th November 2015

    Coffee hut now open at Bretts Windsor

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    Coffee cart

    Coffee Cart OPEN for business, we have recently installed a coffee cart right opposite our trade service counter at Windsor, so when next in-store why not grab a coffee, muffin, pie or sausage roll

    Our menu includes:
  • Hot coffees, Iced coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Meat pies - usually 4 kinds
  • Sausage rolls
  • Sweet and savory muffins
  • Bikkies to dunk
  • New Trade store OPENS

    post - 15th October 2015

    Convenient Southside trade store at Rocklea

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    {$location-rocklea-name} now open: {$location-rocklea-address}.

  • Stocking a wide range of building supplies including timber mouldings, framing and hardwood
  • Easy drive through access, in and out fast
  • Good stocks of structural hardwood and LVL's
  • Fast sameday Southside deilveries for goods in-stock
  • Todays Hours: {$location-rocklea-trade-todayhours} - {$location-rocklea-trade-hardwarehours}

    You can contact the Rocklea team on Tel: {$location-rocklea-trade-phone} or via email: {$location-rocklea-trade-email}

    Trade Expo 2015

    post - 12th September 2015

    Over 200 guests attended and networked with over 35 leading insustry suppliers and manufacturers

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    Trade Expo 2015

    Held on September 11, 2015 over 200 guests attended to network and connect with 35 leading industry suppliers and manufacturers. Heaps of prizes, food and drinks for all who attended, with our James Hardie win a Ute promotion being drawn on the night and won by a very happy Jeremy Butler from Megalo Constructions.
    We would like to thank our trade suppliers for the incredibly high standard of their displays and presentations. And many thanks to our trade account customers for attending making the day the great success it was. Highlights of the day:

  • Grand prize, Hilux Ute drawn
  • 2nd prize, Heavy Duty builders trailer drawn
  • Over 150 FREE Hitach or Makita saws given away
  • Demonstration of the Bretts floor cassette system
  • Sensational street food - burger sliders - wood fired Pizza - massive Paella's
  • New floor cassette system

    post - 5th September 2015

    A revelation and a revolution. Floor Cassettes save countless hours on-site, fast and very quick to install resulting in cost savings.

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    Floor cassette

    Key features:

  • Manufactured by Bretts for higher degree of quality assurance and reduced waste on site
  • Precision designed and engineered to stringent performance criteria to reduce bounce
  • Manufactured with Pryda Span or Long Reach floor trusses up to 10m in length
  • Suits both ground floor and upper storey applications
  • Install complete upper storey cassettes from below to reduce OH&S risks
  • Compatible with Surefoot concrete free foundations for ground floor applications. Read more about Surefoot foundations
  • Read the case study of a job we recently manufactured and delivered to Units 1 & 2 Carnarvon Court, Queensland for New Breeze Homes. Carnarvon Case Study

    Villeroy and Boch display now OPEN

    post - 1st September 2015

    Brisbane's newest Villeroy & Boch display has just opened see all the newest and lastest on offer from Germany and the World's leading sanitary manufacturer

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    Newest display in Brisbane, just completed to showcase the new ranges from Villeroy and Boch and Grohe, it's a must to see, a great resource to help with y