Material Price Movement 

Upcoming & Recent Price Rises

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We keep this list as accurate as possible and update as we receive notifications from manufacturers and suppliers. If you need further detail on any price movement please contact your Bretts trade representative or Bretts trade sales on 3361 0777

AKD TimberApr-21Timber - Pine framing10%
AmpeliteApr-21Roof sheet6%
Australian Panel ProductsApr-21Flooring - Structaflor4%
Forest OneApr-21Sheeting - Particleboard Various
IplexApr-21Plumbing products3 to 15%
KingspanApr-21Insulationup to 5%
LaminexApr-21Sheeting - Laminate, melamine productsWhiteboard 3.5%, flooring 4%
MilwaukeeApr-21Power toolsVarious
MM KemblaApr-21Plumbing products3.50%
MM KemblaApr-21Insulation8.00%
Pipe KingApr-21Plumbing products6.80%
PipemakersApr-21Plumbing products8.00%
PlassonApr-21Plumbing products2.50%
Reliance WorldwideApr-21Plumbing products - Ezipex10.00%
RinnaiApr-21HVAC2.5 to 6.0%
Stanley Black & DeckerApr-21Hand toolsVarious
Superior WoodApr-21Hoop pine flooring and battensVarious
TPACApr-21Timber - Merbau/Kwila timber products5%
Vida CanforApr-21Timber - Pine framing15-30%
VinidexApr-21Plumbing products4 to 8.0%
ZandaApr-21Door hardware6%
AdvansaMay-21Tie down hardwareVarious
ArdexMay-21Adhesive & sealantup to 5%
BiliMay-21Plumbing productsVarious
BondallMay-21Concrete additivesup to 6.1%
BoralMay-21Hardwoodup to 7.5%
BrasshardsMay-21Plumbing productsVarious
CSRMay-21FC Sheeting & cladding3 to 5.5%
DindasMay-21EWPup to 15%
EmroMay-21PWD & robe fittingsup to 9%
Forest OneMay-21Particle board flooring4%
Heritage ProductsMay-21Timber -mouldingsVarious
HolmanMay-21Plumbing products8 to 10%
ITI AustraliaMay-21EWPup to 9%
ITI AustraliaMay-21Pine framingup to 15%
James HardieMay-21Sheeting & cladding - Fibre cement2 to 7%
KingspanMay-21Insulationup to 5%
LysaghtMay-21Steel roofing & fencing products5 to 11%
MakitaMay-21Power toolsVarious
MegabeamMay-21EWPup to 15%
MitekMay-21Timber connectorsVarious
PortaMay-21Timber - mouldingsVarious
PhilmacMay-21Plumbing products2.50%
PlastecMay-21Plumbing products8.00%
Ram TapwareMay-21Plumbing products8.50%
Reliance WorldwideMay-21Plumbing products - Valves3 to 10%
StramitMay-21Roofing4 to 11%
Tasman KBMay-21Timber3.5 to 9%
Thora WholesaleMay-21HardwoodVarious
TillingMay-21EWPup to 10%
Value TimbersMay-21KD F27 Hardwoodup to 6.5%
VespolMay-21Dampcourseup to 10%
Whites WireMay-21Wire products3 to 10%
AbeyJun-21Plumbing productsVarious
CSR - RondoJun-21Partition fittings7%
Forest OneJun-21Plywoodup to 10%
HB FullerJun-21Adhesive & sealant4 to 6%
Hyne TimberJun-21Framing timberVarious
HumeJun-21Doors4 to 6%
ITI AustraliaJun-21Ezitrim mouldingsVarious
PaslodeJun-21Air toolsup to 6%
Pinewood productsJun-21Timber - Pineup to 15%
RecochemJun-21Solventsup to 5.1%
SoudalJun-21Adhesive & sealant5 to 6%
TillingJun-21Timber - Engineered Wood Productsup to 10%
CorinthianJul-21Doorsup to 6%
GalintelJul-21Steel lintelsup to 9%
ITI AustraliaJul-21I-Joist15%
LysaghtJul-21Steel roofing & sheetup to 6.5%
Vida AustraliaJul-21Pine framing15%
WeathertexJul-21Claddingup to 7%
AKD TimberAug-21Pine framing10%