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Blending style and adaptability the Vantage® range offers the ideal window and door systems for your project. Choose from sliding, hinged and bi-fold doors, awning, casement, sliding, double hung or louvre windows.

Vantage® windows and doors can be made big, bold and beautiful to maximise natural light, fresh air and views making your home more comfortable and liveable for years to come.

Bretts Architectural Window Solutions was the winner of the Australian Windows Association design award 2015 for the best use of windows and doors in a residential renovation, Bretts have been nominated once again in 2018.

As part of the AWS Vantage and Elevate fabricator network, Bretts make a wide range of high quality, custom aluminium windows and doors suitable for standard residential, designer architectural and commercial applications. We manufacture in an endless choice of colours, frames and sizes, specifically designed to meet your prevailing environmental factors.

The Vantage window and door range comprises of a selection of series, these are: Residential series, Designer Architectural series, ThermalHEART series and the SoundOUT speciality series.

Under the Elevate brand we manufacture for commercial buildings the Commercial series, Architectural series, Commercial Framing series and ThermalHEART series.

There is no fixed rule when deciding which series will suit your project, many are crossover products, it will depend upon design parameters and your personal taste.

Vantage windows have been used in Australia for over 40 years, so well equipped to handle everything the Australian climate has to offer.

Contemporary designs

Big bold panels

No such thing as standard

100% Australian

Vantage®, Window and Door Products.

Designer Series windows and doors are architecturally inspired, featuring a 102mm frame and bold sash designs to give a clean, striking aesthetic. These systems are designed to offer superior performance characteristics ideal for high-end residential applications.

Residential Series is an Australian designed window system for residential applications. It is a comprehensive suite of window and door systems designed for Australian conditions. The extensive range has been developed with a focus on creating compliant, economical systems to meet the functional requirements of Australian residential dwellings.

Specialty Series These innovative products to provide maximum sound reduction. The SoundOUT™ range of secondary glazing windows and doors are purposefully designed to improve the acoustic performance of the building envelope. Tested in accordance with AS1191-1985 by the National Acoustics Laboratory.

Designer ThermalHEART™ Series Are thermally broken systems for improved energy efficiency. Developed in response to growing environmental concern and requirement for energy efficient building designs, Designer Series with ThermalHEART™ offers significantly improved thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Contemporary Aluminium Doors for your Home.

Vantage® aluminium doors are an excellent choice for your home or building project. Custom made to suit your individual project requirements there is no such thing as standard! Our doors can be big and bold. Strong aluminium profiles allow you to achieve fantastic panel sizes, maximising views and creating excellent connection to the great outdoors. Choose from sliding, stacking, hinged or French and bi fold door systems.

Wide openings

Corner slide

Cavity slide

Flush sills

Series Type Key features Read Datasheet
618 Designer MAGNUM™
Sliding Door
Up to four panels in each direction, with the potential to span a massive 12 metres.
Maximum panel width up to 2,000mm, perfect for opening onto outdoor dining areas!
541 Residential Sliding Door 102mm frame, multi-point locking, wide rollers, flyscreen compatible
Maximum panel width up to 1200mm.
542 Residential Stacking Door Three-panel stacking door opens to two-thirds of its width. And if you select a bi-parting option, it can span eight metres! Maximim panel width up to 1350mm.
731 Designer ThermalHEART®
Sliding Door
Thermally broken sliding doors provide a perfect balance of energy-efficiency and style
Low Uw values deliver excellent insulation. Combined with double-glazing they’re up to 33% more energy efficient than traditional double-glazed sliding doors.
533 Speciality SoundOUT™
Secondary Glazed Sliding Door
Sound reduction is dramatically increased with installation of SoundOUT™ frames.
Maximim panel width up to 1200mm.
548 Designer High Performance
Bi-Fold Door
Bottom rollers, compatible with industry-leading Centor™ retractable flyscreens, choose from a range of handle options. Maximim panel width up to 900mm.
730 Designer ThermalHEART®
Bi-Fold Door
Thermally broken bi-fold doors are the perfect way to maximise your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.
548 Designer High Performance
Hinged Door
Unique, stylish, extra-wide top and bottom rails give the door the chunky appearance of traditional timber designs. Rebated door stiles that close flush and provide superior weather protection. Can be double-glazed. Heavy duty hinges and hardware to prevent sagging. Optional parliament hinges allow doors to be opened 180° back against a wall. Custom-designed, concealed lock keeper. No more unsightly holes milled into the aluminium for latch and lock bolts. A great range of lever door handles. The ideal complement to our Designer Series Bi-fold door.
549 Residential Hinged Door Ideal for use as a front door or anywhere in your home. Flyscreens tuck neatly into the outside frame – no more ugly rivets. Extra-wide top and bottom rails for a clean architectural style. When used as a French door, the two doors achieve a seamlessly flush look. Can be fitted with parliament hinges for 180o opening. ClearVENT™ sashless double hung windows can be installed into the door panels for even better ventilation.

Contemporary and Stylish Windows for your Home

Let the fresh air and natural light into your home with contemporary and stylish windows from the Vantage® range. Vantage® aluminium windows are an ideal choice for your home or building project, custom made by our experienced manufacturers they can be configured to suit the individual requirements of your project, choose from a range of styles to achieve the look and functionality you desire.

Series Type Key features Datasheet
601 Designer MAGNUM™
Sliding Window
Heavy duty rollers, mitred main frame, available in very large panels, slim elegant appearance.
602 Designer MAGNUM™
Double Sash Sliding Window
Heavy duty rollers, mitred main frame, available in very large panels, slim elegant appearance.
504 Residential Sliding Window A slim 50mm frame or, if you prefer a chunkier look, 102mm frame extenders. Wide sash wheels so your windows always work smoothly. The option of high-performance sills if your home is exposed to harsh elements. Built-in sill drainage for reduced condensation.
531 Speciality SoundOUT™ Secondary Glazed Sliding Window SoundOUT™ Sliding Window has been specially designed to reduce noise infiltration through window openings.
546 Designer High Performance
Bi-Fold Window
Bi-fold serveries are a home-entertainer’s dream! These beautiful Vantage® bi-fold windows are perfect for opening out onto your outdoor dining area.
616 Designer MAGNUM™ Awning/Casement/Fixed Window Airtight to keep out the cold. A great choice if you want to leave the windows open but stay protected from passing showers. Bold frame that allows for extra wide sashes. A range of glass options, including double glazing. Windows can be fixed if you prefer. The option for integrated flyscreens, chain winders, Truth™ scissor winders or casement latches.
726 Designer ThermalHEART™ Awning/Casement/Fixed Window Choose top-hinged awning sashes or side-hinged casement sashes. Perfect for architecturally designed homes. Clean, bold frames incorporate a thermal insulation strip to minimise the transfer of heat and cold. Sashes seal tightly against the frame for greater energy efficiency. Used in conjunction with double glazing, they’re up to 33% more efficient than standard double-glazed windows. The option of integrated flyscreens that nest neatly into the frame – no more ugly rivets or unsightly screws. Your choice of manual or electric hardware.
516 Residential 50mm Awning/Casement/Fixed Window Opens out from the bottom for great ventilation and protection from unexpected showers. 50mm aluminium frame. Perfect for single or double glazing. A huge variety of performance-glass options to maximise energy efficiency. Can be supplied with a chain winder or fitted with stainless-steel stays and cam handles..
517 Residential
102mm Awning/Casement/Fixed Window
Opens out from the bottom for great ventilation and protection from unexpected showers. 102mm aluminium frame. Perfect for single or double glazing. A huge variety of performance-glass options to maximise energy efficiency. Can be supplied with a chain winder or fitted with stainless-steel stays and cam handles..
613 Designer MAGNUM™
Double Hung Window
If you want to maximise cross-flow ventilation in your home, the Vantage® MAGNUM™ double hung windows are the ideal choice. Perfect for architecturally designed homes and multi-storey buildings. Panels can be hinged inwards with the flick of a nifty little latch, so you can clean the external glass with ease. Can be single or double-glazed. It’s up to you! The option to integrate flyscreens neatly into the frame.
514 Residential Double Hung Window Choose a slim 50mm frame or, if you prefer something wider, a 102mm frame extender. Add cam or crescent latches – with keys or without – that can be colour-matched to your window. Easy-open window sashes help to maximise ventilation within your home.Allows for single-gazing up to 10.38mm. Tested rigorously to the highest Australian standards. Huge range of configurations to suit you.
614 Designer ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung Window Stunning aluminium sash rail. Two panes of glass slide silently past one another within aluminium guides which fit neatly into the perimeter frame. Can be used in bi-fold and sliding door panels. A great way to get more natural ventilation without having to open an entire door panel. Comes with a key lock as standard. Can easily be fitted with a flyscreen.
525 Designer LouvreMASTER™ Adjustable Louvre Window. Adjustable louvre window system designed to complement the Vantage Designer Series windows and doors. The jambs, head and sill will clip to all Designer Series products.

Complementary Products

Vantage windows and doors work in concert with Centor™ SIE Screening, FlowTHRU™ drainage systems and The AWS Ventient™ trickle ventilation.

Product Description Datasheet
Centor™ SIE Screening The Centor retractable screen is a world-first retractable insect screen for openings as wide as 7.6m and can be installed with all Vantage door systems as part of a seamless screening solution. This screen provides eco-friendly retractable insect screening and solar control with fingertip operation allowing homeowners to have complete control of their living environment. The screen retracts horizontally and discreetly into its frame when not in use – a revolutionary solution for those who refuse to compromise on style.
FlowTHRU™ Drain A seamless transition between your living and outdoor spaces. A flush sill threshold allows internal and external floor surfaces to have the same finish level with no elevated threshold to create a trip hazard or interrupt the space. FlowTHRU™ incorporates a stainless steel grate featuring ACO™ Heelsafe®Anti-Slip surface and has been tested to ensure performance in even the harshest of environments, Infact it is the only fully tested integrated threshold drainage solution for Vantage® door systems.
Ventient Trickle Vent This innovative unit allows natural ventilation based on the outside air temperature, balancing the need to maintaining good insulation within your home with the desire to have clean, healthy liveable spaces. A seamless solution to maximise health, efficiency and comfort in the building envelope.