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Whether it's relaxing or entertaining, the Australian climate is perfect for outdoor living. On the other hand, the harsh sun can be punishing on timber decks. Regular staining and knocking nails back down can be the bane of the timber deck owner’s existence. HardieDeck™ was bred to minimise the hard work and maximise leisure time.

HardieDeck won't split or warp in full sun like timber decks can. And it won't swell or cup from moisture like low set wooden decks can.

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HardieDeck™ system provides a highly durable low maintenance deck, with a modern contemporary appearance.
It combines specially machined 19mm thick fibre cement decking boards with a specifically designed aluminium fast track system that provides the concealed fastening mechanism. The jointing system consists of an anodised aluminium base jointer which is screwed to the framing joists, and a powder coated snap in cover which covers the screw heads and provides a continuous contrasting line between the decking boards after the boards have been painted.

This system has three components:

  • HardieDeck™ Boards - fibre cement boards machined for the fixing system
  • Fast-tack fixing system - comprising of a Double Winged Base Jointer and HardieDeck Snap-in Top Strp
  • Coating - HardieDeck can either be coated in a durable paving paint allowing colour choice or in a penetrating clear sealer.

This Installation Guide covers the use of the HardieDeck™ system in a residential deck application. It does not contain all information relevant for constructing a deck.NOTE: HardieDeck™ system is not intended to be a watertight system. Some moisture will go through the jointers in the form of droplets.

Durable with a 10 year warranty

HardieDeck™ is tough and hard wearing – fire, rot, water and termite resistant, backed by a 10 year warranty ensuring you’ll enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

Low maintenance
The HardieDeck™ system is low maintenance and ‘low worry’, so you can enjoy a great looking deck, without the usual hard work. HardieDeck doesn't require the regular staining or oiling that timber does. Instead it's coated in durable paving paints and sealers normally used for driveways, paths and patios. There are no nails to hammer back down because the screws are hidden under the clever Fast-track fixing system.

Made for our climate

HardieDeck™ enhances outdoor living in Australian conditions from country to coast, tropical rainforests to urban areas. Use it to give an old deck a new life, or create a brand new outdoor room, pool surround, balcony, sundeck, boardwalk or stunning entrance for your home.

Modern good looks

Its distinctive broad architectural profile turns heads and makes it a stunning addition to modern or traditional homes alike. HardieDeck can be coated in virtually any colour or clear sealed for a modern industrial look. To find out more visit the HardieDeck™ coatings page.

Safe and solid underfoot

This is a robust new breed of decking, made from the same stuff used in building projects throughout the world. It’s securely fixed, giving it a sturdy feel and making it smooth to walk on, with no splinters or nails to get in your way.


Download the full HardieDeck™ system installation guide here. It covers all the required components, tools and accessories, design guidance, decking layouts, safe working practises, full installation steps, bushfire construction guidelines, care instructions and warranty information.

 Installation guide

 Installation video


To minimise wear and tear, and keep your deck looking good for years to come, follow these recommendations.

Care guide


All the common questions and facts answered about HardieDeck™ systems.

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Because it’s HardieDeck™ not hard work, get the brochure now.

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Defined by clean, modern lines and built to withstand the demands of Australian conditions, it won’t split or warp – giving you more time to work on your tan, not your deck.




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