Maxisafe Safety Respirators 

Powered Air Full Face Respirator

Model: RSYNC01VP3

Breath responsive PAPR of Full face mask integrated with a fan unit making it "Compact", "Economical", "Light", with a high protection.

Sync01VP3 Powered Air Purifying REspirator can ONLY be used with VP3 filter. Some features are: Automatic Breathing Function, Built-In Battery, Automatic ON/OFF Function, Filter Replacement Indicator. Ideal uses include: Asbestos Removal, General Building, Remediation Operations.

Cleanair Unimask

Model: RFU837

The highest level of breathing protection with enhanced inner airflow regulation and a visor with excellent optical and mechanical features make this universal light face shielda true leader of its class. Wide vision range, Antifog / Antiscratch coating, Easy to adjust, Neoprene or textile face seal.

Evolve Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Model: RGH518

Combines an auto-darkening welding hood and a clear protective visor, Welding and grinding protection, Lightweight and well balanced for comfort,Advanced pivot flip-up mechanism optimises the centre of gravity, Compatible with ADFs or passive filters 110x90mm, Large protective visor 170x95mm for undisturbed view, “B” rated impact resistance, Weight: 775g, Protective class: TH2/2A

Cleanair Grinding Helmet

Model: RFU837

Combination of a grinding visor and a safety helmet with integrated air distribution. Ensures protection of the head, eyes, face, respiratory and hearing. The helmet offers well-balanced, comfortable and robust protection certified in accordance with EN 397 while the polycarbonate shield provides protection against high speed, high energy particles and is certified in accordance with EN 166 - Class “A“. Compatible with the CleanAIR® AerGO® powered air purifying respirator.