Pyda Fastfix Speedtruss 

More smart thinking from the company that makes builder productivity its business. Pryda SpeedTruss by Bretts is a new approach to work faster, easier, safer and altogether smarter.

Save a day’s work - Even more.

Pryda Speedtruss™ by Bretts saves an entire day’s work (based on the roof of a typical detached house). The truss assemblies minimise work on site while helping to plumb and straighted girders automatically, saving even more time. No more temporary fixes, short-term bracing or final connections, such as multi-grips (subject to design criteria).

Roof Truss installation is much easier.

It’s like an assembly kit - everything just goes together. Position a truss, swing it out, and screw it down. Job done. Clever truss assemblies, including pre-installed hinges and pre-installed screw arrangement, reduce installation time by removing temporary fixing.

Work safer at heights.

Speedtruss™ components let you fix everything into place at or below the top plate - all from the safety of a step ladder. Position and stabilise girder trusses effortlessly, and permanently fix each truss the moment it’s installed.

Hinge-out System

The Hinge-Out system hinges the jack truss off the girder truss, ensuring the girder truss is immediately stabilised as you work. Each hinged jack truss is fitted with Pryda’s truncated truss stop (TS Stop) for easy and accurate installation of a truncated standard truss.

Work smarter, with fewer fiddly bits, and cleverly integrated tie-downs and assemblies for easy-as roof installation.

Easy-Fix Pre-installed Screw

Nothing beats a simple connecton. Easy-Fix pre-installed 150mm or 200mm screw makes short work of permanently connecting each truss to the wall frame top plate.

When using the Pryda Easy-Fix system by Bretts builders have a total system to simplify roof truss installation.

FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw

The FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS) takes the time and labour out of tedious L Bracket connections, and replaces it with smart thinking, saving you money with a fast, compliant connection.

The IWS laterally stabilises the tops of internal walls by fixing them to the bottom chord of roof trusses. The IWS has a knurled shank which ensures the screw is firm laterally against the top plate. The head-less plain shank of the screw in the top plate allows for vertical movement in the truss without transferring load to the wall.The IWS is suitable for internal applications only.