Simpson-Strongtie Quick Drive 

The wait is over! Quik Drive® is now CORDLESS

PRO250 Cordless Quik Drive Auto-Feed Screw Driving System.

The Cordless PRO250 system is ideal for, but not limited to, underlay, subfloor, sheathing and decking applications. Designed to drive 40 – 65 mm (8 – 12 gauge) screws, the PRO250 is a truly flexible tool to cater for a wide range of applications. Incorporating a precision countersink adjustment that produces consistent screw depth, combined with the auto-feed mechanism delivers fast, hassle‑free driving on the jobsite.


Quick loading yellow strip Quik Drive screw, allow for faster installation, less waste and jamming.


Compact and light weight, used from a standing position, results in less stress on back, shoulders and knees, with no trip hazards.


Quick breakdown for closeup work.


Quick release countersink adjustment for consistent screw depth.

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