R-flor structural flooring 

R-flor Radiant Barrier Structural Flooring

STRUCTAflor R-flor is particleboard flooring that has been laminated with a metalized foil layer on the underside of the board, reducing the radiative heat transfer across suspended timber floors, improving thermal performance and Total R-Value of the flooring system.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

R-flor has an increased Bushfire Attack Level rating (BAL) compared to normal particle board flooring. Providing the subfloor is enclosed then R-flor can be used for the highest BAL rating of BAL – FZ. If subfloor is unenclosed then R-flor can be used up to a BAL 29

Increased R Value (Insulation)

R-flor has an increased insulation R value of approx. 40% compared to normal STRUCTAflor YELLOWtongue flooring using a common flooring system

Load Carrying Capability

R-flor comes in three thicknesses enabling user to select R-flor based upon what load factor is required

  • 19mm YELLOWtongue, 3600mm x 800mm
  • 22mm REDtongue, 3600mm x 800mm
  • 25mm BLUEtongue, 3600mm x 800mm

Termite Resistant H2

R-flor H2 is deemed to be a termite resistant building material under the Building Code of Australia and AS 3660.1