AFS Smart Formwork 

Smarter Permanent Formwork.

The permanent PVC formwork walling solution.

AFS Rediwall® is a permanent PVC formwork system. The extruded components, depending on the selected profile either simply snap or slide into place, automatically interconnecting for rapid assembly and achieve an attractive, low maintenance wall surface.

Rediwall® requires almost no machinery-aided installation. In fact, installations can be undertaken without any training. And with its high quality semi-gloss finish it requires no additional finishing for most applications. Suitable as a tough, low-maintenance load-bearing solution for building subterranean structures such as basements and retention tanks, it can also be utilised for overhead applications such as party walls, columns and retaining walls, which makes it a truly versatile solution.

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Rediwall® Benefits.

The benefits of afs Rediwall® begin at delivery: arriving in stock lengths. Easily handled, its innovative panels readily snap or slide into place, making for rapid installation and core-filling—in almost endless applications. The resulting semi-gloss finish provides a low maintenance surface, with the option for further finishing as specified.

Speed of construction.

Ease of materials handling.

Above and below ground versatility.

Snap-in panels lock together instantly.

East-fit corners slide open for access.

AS3600 compliant.

Water resistant.

Significant waste reduction.

Rediwall® vs. Blocks.

Retention tanks.


Stair wells.

Driveway walls.

Retaining walls.

Planter boxes.