Southern Ash Flooring 

Southern Ash Flooring

Benefits & Certification

Southern Ash is grown, produced and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

  • Timber floors are a natural resource and create five times less carbon emissions than ceramic tiles.
  • Southern Ash flooring is easy to care for once installed and sealed. Maintenance is low with just routine sweeping.
  • Manufactured to comply with AS 2796.
  • Fire rated in accordance with AS 3959-2009 and BAL 19 as a minimum.
  • Chain of Custody as per AS 4707.


Southern Ash is durability class 2 above ground and available in select, standard and feature grades.

85 & 130 x 19mm T&G end matched
Random lengths 0.9m to 5.9m

85 & 130 x 14mm T&G overlay plain end
Random lengths 0.4m to 3.0m.