STRUCTApanel internal wall linning 

STRUCTApanel Treated Wall Panelling

STRUCTApanel H2 is a 9mm thick high density panel primarily designed for wall panelling, where it provides high impact resistance compared to alternative lining options, as well as superior screw holding capability.

High impact resistence

Double the impact resistance of plywood & 9 times greater than plasterboard

High durability

Made with the same cutting-edge technology & high-quality raw materials as STRUCTAflor

High fixing capacity

Ability to screw directly into sheet

H2 treated for termite resistance

Termite protected particleboard

Multiple joining options

H Mould, Cover Strip plus many others


Faster project completion - Under Development

Double sided

Easy to paint

Critcal Data Compared

STRUCTApanel H2 performs better than comparable products

# STRUCTApanel H2 OSB 9mm Plywood 9mm Plasterboard
Density 710kg/m3 630kg/m3 650kg/m3 650kg/m3
Thickness Swell (24hrs) 3.5% 11% - -
Impact Resistance (Janka) 5030N 3895N 2522N 566N
MOR MPa (Modulus of Rupture) 24 26.7 --
MOE MPa 3123 2966 --
Lateral Screw Holding* (kg/screw) 87kg 61kg 83kg28kg
Screw Holding* (kg/screw) 104kg 93kg 95kg10kg

H Join

Cover strip