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Screen Solutions

Let The Breeze And Views In. Keep Pests And Intruders Out With Our SecureView Security Screen System

When you’re enjoying time at home it’s important to feel comfortable, knowing you can relax without the threat of irritating pests bothering you – and in the worst case intruders entering your home.

SecureView security screen doors and windows are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh and extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method. The mesh is chosen for its superb strength, durability and corrosion resistance, and is far superior to the 304 steel mesh on the market.

SecureView Eclipx security screen windows and doors are manufactured using a patented tensioning tool which enables our screens to be custom built for most large openings without mid rails.

These security screens offer a wide range of features to meet Australian Standards AS5039-2008, with additional testing to ensure it continues to protect homes in cyclone, fire and corrosion prone areas.

With a thin, impenetrable mesh, SecureView Eclipx gives you ultimate security, clear unobstructed views, without compromising on the aesthetics of your build.


Mesh infill High tensile, corrosion resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steel
3 Point Locking System Yes
Patented Fixing System Yes
Airflow Excellent
Hole Aperture 1.575mm
Insect Protection Excellent
Attractive, Sleek Look Excellent
Pet door options available Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty 11 Years

Xceed - Security Screens That Are Built To Last

Xceed security screen doors and windows are made from an extremely durable perforated aluminium sheet and extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method. The result will exceed your expectations.

These perforated aluminium security screens are a great cost effective alternative to woven mesh security screens. They offer a wide range of features to meet Australian Standards, has the corrosion resistant properties of aluminium, and act as a sun shade to reduce heat.

Due to its structural grade alloy, the Xceed perforated aluminium is thinner and stronger than the commonly used architectural grade aluminium. As a result, Xceed security screens deliver greater see-through visibility.

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Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Screens

Invisi-Gard is the premium security screen solution by Alspec — an Australian owned, market leader for over 45 years in the design of innovative aluminium systems to architectural, residential, industrial and home improvement markets.

At the heart of every Invisi-Gard security screen and security door is our high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh which sets the world standard in terms of its quality, precision and longevity. Invisi-Gard security doors and screens are without question the best investment for your family's safety.They are also the best investment for the look and value of your home and business.

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Connect beautifully to your world outside.

Centor’s award-winning retractable insect screens and blinds have solved the problem of screening folding doors, hinged patio doors, sliding glass doors and more. Our screening systems can be elegantly paired with new or existing doors and windows to unobtrusively keep insects out, and provide sun protection & privacy.

Centor’s door and window screens retract into the system’s frame when not in use. Moving in a horizontal, retractable action, the screens or blinds can be drawn across the opening from any height on the stile. Not relying on awkward hand-brake mechanisms, the stile is elegantly load-balanced. When open, it remains in any position without from snapping shut, allowing for easy transitions from inside to out. While, our vertical, chain operated systems for windows – including casement, louvre and awning – are easily controlled with one hand.

The durable insect mesh has no pleats or lines to detract from the view. Installing a flyscreen means that doors can be open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air conditioner use, while the blind allows for discreet control of glare and privacy.

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