Ultralife ECO 5000 LVL timber decking 

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Ultralife ECO 5000 LVL timber.

Ultralife Timber Decking presents an environmentally-friendly timber made of Hevea Brasiliensis, grown mostly in Southeast Asia via community farming. The trees are planted for rubber tapping and are kept for 25 to 30 years. At the end of thier lifespan, these trees are felled. The logs, once considered as waste, were incinerated.

Ultralife Timber Decking utilizes this “waste”, with technology and engineering transforming them into a high quality timber product. This further justifies Ultralife Timber Decking claim as one of the best ecofriendly timber product available.

Applications for Eco 5000 LVL

Decking, Beams, Flooring, Facades, Pergolas, Doors, Staircase/Steps, Railings, Outdoor furniture.

Why choose Ultralife decking

Eco friendly, Insect resistant, Dimension stability, Superior durability, Easy maintenance, 100% real timber, Easy installation, High quality.

Benefits of Ultralife decking

Fully FSC Certified, 25 year warranty for Termites, Impregnated LVL construction using hardwood veneers, No tannin stain (does not bleed), Superior dimensional stability, 5 metre lengths, which speeds up installation & reduces waste and labour costs, Gun barrel straight, every piece every time, Supplied with a pre-sealer coating (when requested).

Finishes and coating

We recommend applying a high quality deck coating system (in combination with VC175 Mould Inhibitor) within 30 days of the product being installed. After cleaning the deck down, you can use many of the high quality coatings currently on the market for decking. All coatings to be applied in accordance with the respective manufacturer’s / suppliers recommendations; However we DO NOT recommend the use of any Sikkens Coatings.


We recommend pre-drilling and the use of a high quality stainless steel, typically Anchormark decking screws or hot dipped galvanised screw or nails. Follow the recommendations of engineers design or QBCC technical data sheet “residential timber decks”.

Decking sizes

90mm x 20mm x 5000mm reeded one face
140mm x 20mm x 5000mm dressed both sides
195mm x 20mm x 5000mm dressed both sides
140mm x 25mm x 5000mm dressed both sides

Posts and F17 structural sizes

90mm x 90mm x 2.4/2.7/3.0/3.6/5.0m
140mm x 140mm x 2.4/2.7/3.0/3.6/5.0m
90mm x 45mm x 5000mm
120mm x 45mm x 5000mm
190mm x 45mm x 5000mm
290mm x 45mm x 5000mm
250mm x 50mm x 5000mm
Custom sizes manufactured to order.

P5 anti-slip step treads

250mm x 50mm
290mm x 50mm
Pre-certified and pre-finished
5 year coating warranty
Meets AS.4586, Form 15 supplied
Cut to length (lead times apply).